7 reasons why millenials refuse to get pregnant

7 reasons why millenials refuse to get pregnant

- Parenthood has been seen as a privilege to impart knowledge and experience to another human being

- This generation sees otherwise

- Here are 7 reason why the youth of today refuse to push out little toddlers

Parenthood has always been considered as a blessing – the opportunity to raise a child and to impart all your life experiences to another life.

7 reasons why millenials refuse to get pregnant

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However, it seems that the current generation, the millennials, are giving a resounding NO to parenthood.

Gone are the days where having children was the main goal of sex and where women were called “shallow” and “selfish” for refusing to have babies.

In fact, birth rates among women according to the Urban Institute have declined 15 percent between 2007 and 2012. In another research by Pew, child-less couples have double since 1970.

The question is, why are millenials so keen on not squeezing out little toddlers?

Here are 7 reasons why todays generation are so frightened of raising children.


This generation is the highest-educated, worst-paid generation ever. In fact, to get an education is one of the most expensive investment a parent or a child will have to make in his lifetime.

Rent is increasing, and the standards of living is also not getting any cheaper. Getting a raise takes time and effort, and jobs are becoming scarce.

For many millenials, their jobs are just about enough to pay for all of their daily expenses.

To have a baby will simply make life harder and everything more expensive.

"When a kid leaves your body, it costs a pretty $20-30K. I've got $52K in student loans to look forward to. That's negative money I have to feed and clothe and educate a kid. Not trying to bring up a dirt baby." - Seth, 25

"I can't even live off my pathetic salary, so how can I give a child the life they deserve?" - Micah, 23

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Apparently, todays generation think that adding more humans to the population pool would make the world much much worse. Cities have become tremendously overcrowded and the traffic is making life miserable.

Government resources are being strained and overpopulation is saturating the job market.

The youth simply doesn’t want to contribute to the growing problems of urban life.

"There are too many unwanted kids on the planet as is, and many of them are starving, underprivileged and have no resources. I don't want to contribute to that. I'd rather help kids that are already in need. I'm adopting if I ever decide I want kids. People don't understand how bad having a large population is." - Aimee, 27



Its all about looks for some people. This generation has seen the rise of fashion, cosmetics, and everything else to make the body more fit and more beautiful

Yet, even with all these groundbreaking innovations for beauty, medical technology has yet to make pregnancy painless and fat free.

For some women, pregnancy is simply not hot and will make them ugly, fat, and unappealing.

"I'm just not one of those people that thinks pregnancy is a beautiful. I see pregnant women and my eye bulges and I feel grossed out by the whole thing. There's like, a person inside them. The only thing I want inside me is a vibrator or 26 burritos." - Zara, 26

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A lot of millenials believe that they are simply not parent worthy. A lot of responses from interviewed youth admitted that they are shitty, selfish human beings.

The YOLO culture and the “me first” principle has turned this generation into people who want to fend for themselves.

They know themselves, and they definitely do NOT want to create mini versions of themselves.

"I'm a complete mess. I drink and I fuck and I get absorbed in my work. I have all these qualities I dislike about myself that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, so I'm sure as shit not going to wish it on my own child. Meanwhile, I really do love my cat."- Colton, 25

"I don't want to know what a little me would be like. Have you met me? I can't even keep a plant alive." - Allen, 31

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Have you read the news? There are wars in god knows where. Terrorists are bombing cities. Poverty is killing thousands in Africa. Global warming is causing hurricanes and storms and earthquakes that are gigantic and fatal.

Most millenials of today fear that having a baby would be disastrous for their child since the world is quite shitty right now.

"Have you watched the news lately? That's exactly why I don't want kids." - Taylor, 23

"One word: Trump. If that dude wins, I have a really hard time not picturing America as a smoldering nuclear wasteland. That's no place to raise a child." - Manuel, 28



Workaholics much? The millenials have high ambitions: to find a good job, to get a raise, to build a career, buy a house, and live happily ever after.

But the question becomes, will children become a hindrance to this grand plan? Shockingly, the answer the youth said is YES. Millennials believe that a baby would take time and resources from them and therefore stunt all of their high ambitions.

A baby could ruin their chances at always being available for work, or will take away money needed to advance their careers or business. So instead of sacrificing their jobs, they would rather not get pregnant.

"When I picture my future self and the lifestyle I want to lead, I just don't see kids in there. I love my job and I want to get the most out of my career. The thought of having to give that up to do things like spoon-feed mushed peas to a baby who will die if I'm not around her 24/7 is too stressful for me. I'd always be worried that, in trying to better myself and make myself happy, I'd be hurting my child in the process." - Wyatt, 26

"Every single person I know that's had kids in their 20s has given up their lives and careers to become a housewife or househusband. Even if both parents are working, one person always has to work less, or has to focus less on themselves and their dreams and aspirations. I've worked so hard to get where I am and given up so much to reach my goals that the idea of giving up even more to stay at home and reroute my life in a different direction for the next 18 years doesn't do it for me." - Kathryn, 28

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Some millennials just hate kids. Period.

They are noisy, squeaky, needy, and make a lot of mess. Many youth just don't want children in their lives. They believe that children are a nuisance and

"I can't really explain why. It just doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like me, so why would I do it?" - Kyle, 27

"I don't want kids because I just don't. I shouldn't have to explain my reasoning, or even have a reason at all: it's my body, my choice." - Jalise, 31



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