Binay promises to fight for women's welfare

Binay promises to fight for women's welfare

On Saturday, April 16, Vice President and United Nations Alliance standard bearer Jejomar Binay promises to press on actions to reinforce gender equality and further protection for women if he gets elected as President.


His plans to expand coverage of Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act 2004 (RA 9262) by including under its coverage sexual harassment of women on social media delighted both male and female members of the yakan tribe in Zamboanga City.

Binay said "

(We will pursue the expansion of the Nati-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 RA 9262. It will cover the violence against women using social media and other technology-based communications.)

“Ito hong karahasan, kasama ho dito 'yung di pagbibigay ng respeto sa kababaihan. Karahasan din po 'yan,” the vice president added.

(This violence includes not giving due respect to women.)

Binay assured that his administration will not tolerate discrimination and harassment of women in general wherever they may be and will strongly encourage passage of laws in connection therewith.


(I will support the law that gives job security to female victims of violence. There should be no discrimination. There should be equal treatment).


In addition, he said that his administration will also provide longer maternity leaves.


(I will pursue to give 100 day- maternity leave and one day of prenatal leave every month. We are lagging behind. The whole world is already doing this.)

Binay then signed a manifesto with 5 other local women's groups to secure that he would stand for and act on his plans to protect women's rights if he wins in May.

Some of which are to uphold women's participation and empowerment, create refugee and assistance centers for teenage mothers, and provide better healthcare for women, including free pre-natal check-ups, medicines, and vitamins, etc.


The manifesto was signed by Evelinda Otong of the Yakan Women's Weaver group, Lillian Arabaca of the Rural Improvement Club, Alicia Tubilla of the Zamboanga City Homeowners and People's Organization Foundation, Marissa Aizon of the Tetuan's Women's Federation, and Marjorie Teresa of the Federacion del Maga Kagawad de Zamboanga.

This event preceded the time when Duterte’s bad joke went viral online.


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