Off-duty policeman fights riding-in-tandem robbers

Off-duty policeman fights riding-in-tandem robbers

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CCTV footage of an off-duty policeman getting into a deadly shoot-out with a pair of hold-uppers had gone viral, with netizens commending the cop’s courage in the midst of danger.

The footage shows two armed hold-uppers riding a motorcycle trying to rob another rider who turned out to be an off-duty cop.

Off-duty policeman fights riding-in-tandem robbers

CCTV footage (Photo: Facebook)

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The cop initially submitted to the demands of the hold-uppers by raising his arms in surrender. But a few moments later, he started to fight back by drawing his gun.

The policeman succeeded in fighting back, shooting one of the hold-uppers. However, the other robber was able to escape.

Netizens applauded the cop for successfully fighting back against the hoodlums.

“Good job sir. Tama lang yan ginawa niyo hindi na dapat talagang buhayin ang mga yan (You did the right thing because those kinds of people should not be allowed to live),” a netizen wrote.

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Another online user also advocated the killing of criminals in order to scare other people who are planning to commit crimes.

“Dapat ganyan gawin sa mga taong ayaw magbanat ng buto.. Para di na pamarisan ng iba kasi pag ganyan ang gagawin sa mga kawatan di matatakot sila diba,” an online user posted.

(That is what should be done to people who are not willing to work for their living. Killing criminals will discourage and scare others from committing crimes.)

Other netizens also criticized the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) – which investigates human rights violations even against criminals – in their comments.

“Naku patay ka ngayon mamang pulis sana hindi mo pinatay sana ibinigay mo ung pera at motor mo. Wala kang laban ngaun sa CHR,” an online user stated.

(Mr. policeman, you are doomed. You should have just given them your money and motorcycle and you should not have killed the criminal. You are no match against the CHR.)

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