Cobra attacks crowd members during show in Thailand

Cobra attacks crowd members during show in Thailand

- A video showing a cobra attacking a crowd during a show in Thailand had gone viral

- During the show, the cobra escaped its handler and slithered its way into the crowd

- Netizens urged people to stop coming to these shows in order to prevent any untoward incident in the future

A scary video showing a cobra escaping its handler and attacking the audience members in Thailand went viral, with the online community outraged by the lack of security for the crowd and the lack of respect for the animal.

The footage shows a “snake charmer” performing his impressive tricks with the dangerous reptile. The snake handler can be seen kissing the cobra and eluding its bites using his cat-like reflexes.

Cobra attacks crowd members during show in Thailand

Cobra attack (Photo: YouTube)

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Moments later, the venomous cobra turned its attention away from the handler and towards the audience members. The reptile slithered its way into the crowd and was almost able to bite some of the crowd members.

Fortunately, the snake charmer was able to grab the cobra by its tail and pull it away from the people just in time.

Some of the younger members of the audience can be heard crying and screaming after the terrifying incident.

Many netizens wrote that the show must be stopped so that the people would be protected from a possible snake bite.

“I see a bunch ignorance, they think it's funny. It's [only] a matter of time something bad happens here,” a netizen posted.

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Several netizens urged other people to stop going to these kinds of shows so that these animals can have their freedom.

“Next time you DON'T go to these stupid animal shows, animals deserve respect,” an online user said.

However, some online users said that the cobra’s fangs might have already been removed prior to the show.

“It's probably de-fanged so nothing would happen.  But yes, still definitely scary,” a netizen commented.

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