Pacquiao: Only God can change Duterte

Pacquiao: Only God can change Duterte

- Senator Manny Pacquiao said that only God could change President Rodrigo Duterte

- The Senator pleaded for understanding after the president was criticized for his harsh remark against US President Barack Obama

- The president's remark led to the cancellation of the set bilateral meeting of Duterte and Obama 

Senator Manny Pacquiao defended President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday and said that no one except God could change the president.

Pacquiao pleaded for understanding and supported his friend when criticisms slammed the president after his harsh remark against the president of the United States, Barack Obama,which led to the cancellation of the two leaders' bilateral meeting on Tuesday.

Pacquiao said: “Ang Pangulo natin, humingi naman sya ng apology sa mga nasabi nya, tao lang din tayo nagkakakamali.”

Pacquiao: Only God can change Duterte

President rodrigo Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao (Photo from

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(Our President, he asks for apology for what he has said, we are all humans who commit mistakes.)

According to Pacquiao, because of the problems that the country is facing, the people should be understanding. He added: "Kung ikaw ba naman… sa loob ng pamilya mo, maraming problema, marami kang inaasikaso minsan, hindi natin maiiwasan yung mag react kaagad.”

(If you were in his position... Your family is facing many problems, you have so many things to do sometimes, we cannot help but to suddenly react.)

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The senator stated when asked if the president should refrain from cursing: “Hindi natin sya pwedeng pangunahan at hayaan natin kung ang Panginoon magbigay sa kanya ng wisdom knowledge to change his style. Anyway yung dapat suporta natin hindi magbago , yung pagkakaisa natin hindi magbabago para sa pagbabago ng ating bansa.”

 (We cannot preempt him and let us let the Lord give him the wisdom and knowledge to change his style. Anyway our support should not falter, our unity should not falter for the change of our country.)

The Filipino boxing pride also shared that he admires the president because he acknowledges his mistakes and apologizes for it. that's it. According to him, there are other leaders who commit mistakes but do not own up to them.

Pacquiao said that he will continuously support President Duterte.

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