8 good things that Duterte has done

8 good things that Duterte has done

Amidst all the criticisms from the media, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was bashed with controversies for allegedly cursing at Barack Obama.

Some people despise Duterte for his language and actions and that many rocks are being thrown at him. However, we must be constantly reminded some of the good things that the former Davao mayor has done. Below are the good deeds of the president that people seemed to be forgetting.

8 good things that Duterte has done

Duterte spends birthday with cancer patients. (Photo by: Facebook)

He is the godfather of children with cancer in House of Hope

President Duterte’s birthday is always celebrated in Davao’s House of Hope, a transient home of cancer patients getting treatment in a hospital in Davao. Patients and their families from other parts of Mindanao are also staying in the said transient home.

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8 good things that Duterte has done

DESERVED? The Philippine National Police will be getting double pay once incoming President Rodrigo Duterte takes his oath of office. (Photo from www.gov.ph)

He gives groceries to police so they will not be tempted to accept bribes

Duterte understands the hardships of the police and one of the things that he does for them is give them groceries to lure them away from temptation in accepting any bribes and get into illegal activities.

8 good things that Duterte has done

(Photo from inquirer.net)

He supports LGBT rights

While some malicious reports claimed that the new president is “insensitive” to gays, Duterte embraces diversity and supports LGBT rights. He allowed a gay running for office in his ticket when he was still mayor. In 2009, he criticized the COMELEC on excluding Ang Ladlad from the partylist slate.

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8 good things that Duterte has done

911 emergency hotline launch today (Photo by: Bureau of Fire Protection)

He put up 911 and other emergency hotlines

Duterte revamped the current hotlines and replaced them with new ones that are easier to remember. While it is still in improvement, 911 has been in operations and has received positive reviews from those who used the hotline for emergencies.

8 good things that Duterte has done

Duterte extending help to yolanda victims (Photo by: Facebook)

He is the first one to extend help to Yolanda victims

The president is reportedly the first one to help the Yolanda victims. Thanks to his Cebuano roots, Duterte was the first to pour in the donations to the victims. He also instructed Davao’s 911 to help with the rescue operations.

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8 good things that Duterte has done

sacks of rice

He is the first to send rice to Kidapawan farmers

Just like what he did to the victims of Yolanda, President Duterte immediately sent sacks of rice to Kidapawan farmers that stormed Cotabato municipal hall hungry. He even condemned the governor saying that what does she expect people to do, they are hungry! This is followed by a generous rice donation of other Davaoenos.

8 good things that Duterte has done

Duterte meets with Lumad leaders after SONA (Photo by: Rappler)

He returned the ancestral domains of Lumad farmers and supports indigenous people

Duterte is very partial to indigenous people and supported the cause of Lumad farmers. He announced in his State of the Nation Address that he will give back the ancestral domains of the Lumad farmers. However, Duterte said that they should be able to make livelihood out of their land.

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8 good things that Duterte has done

The president visits the wounded victims of the bombing shortly after the incident.

(Photo credit: RTVM / Presidential Communications)

He sympathized with the families of the victims of Davao bombing

Right after the Davao bombing, Duterte went to the scene and checked on the families of the victims of the incident. He made sure that the victims know they have financial assistance.

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