A huge spider gets in her head, here is what she does next

A huge spider gets in her head, here is what she does next

Her name is Kassandra, she is from UK and she keeps a very unusual pet – a huge spider. She even lets its crawl on her head! The reason why she keeps it is shocking!

Most of us hate spiders, especially those huge and furry ones with big fangs. So, what made this young girl to have a pet like that? It’s her fear! She was mortally afraid of crawling creatures. Scientists call it arachnophobia.

Lots of us have it. When Kassandra saw even a small spider in her room, she ran out of it screaming and calling her mom to kill it or throw it out. But one day things changed. She went to a pet store and got… a huge spider!

It’s a tarantula and it’s a girl. Now she keeps it in her apartment, pets it and even lets it crawl over her head and face. Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, she believes it was the only way to fight her fear. She had to meet it in person and make friends with it.

Most of her friends freak out, when they see her pictures or the pet alive. But in a short while they come to love it, too. She buys small furniture and even toys for her spider girl and even makes her clothes. Now the girl is obsessed in making selfies with the spider and laying them out online. At least, she was able to cope with the arachnophobia!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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