A wounded soul in prayer

A wounded soul in prayer

"If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." - John 14:14

As we close yet another day, may we all remember to thank the Lord, our God, for the wounds and the blessings - whether planned or not - that has come our way. May we do away with the intense feelings of tension and anger currently dominating the country, as opposing sides of each belief clash.

Heavenly Father, as this day draws to an end, let us thank you for Your faithfulness

Despite the things that did not go as planned, Your presence never wavered

For all the times we judged, You worked behind the scenes

For all the blessings of today, thank You, God

For all the times when our foolishness prevails, Lord

When our ravaged souls get wounded by desire and anger, we pray

Nourish us with a moral conscience that we may be aware of all that is illegal and immoral

We pray for healing - both for us and our leaders

A wounded soul in prayer

Father, our nation has a happy spirit and a wounded soul

We have energy that would rival a child's and wounds that are deep and wide.

Grant that the happy spirit in each of us outweighs the pain of wounded souls, Father

That we may not nourish disunity and hopelessness that may imprison our hearts and weaken our willpower.

Bless us, o Lord, that our nation's dislike of and hatred for drug addicts, drug pushers, drug lords, and criminals

do away with the senseless disregard of due process of law, and the crass taking of the law into one’s hands.

Grant that the lustful greed of the hooded killers on bikes is stripped and the uniformed cops baseless claim of self-defense is barred.

Help us, Father, not to be so blindly mesmerized by the public outrage in print and social media.

Heavenly Father, we beg you to give us your healing touch.

Touch the hardened hearts of each and every one of us that we,

may never want to go to bed without clearing the air between us, Lord.

Reconcile us to you and to one another through sincere repentance and forgiveness.

We make this humble prayer for our friendship means too much, Lord

We pray that as one, we may all experience the soothing joy of Your presence and the healing balm of Your love.

Grant us all a good night's sleep tonight, God, so that we can all wake up refreshed and ready to begin another day,

so we may see that You are in control of everything that happens from our first breath to our last sigh.

In Jesus' name,


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Source: Kami.com.ph

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