Robin Padilla defends Duterte: It's time to get real

Robin Padilla defends Duterte: It's time to get real

HIGHLIGHT: On Monday, April 18, Robin Padilla expressed through his Instagram account his continuous support to presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte amid the "rape joke" controversy. Padilla has been one of the most vocal and active celebrity supporters of Duterte.

On his post a quote saying “It’s time to get real.” was seen followed by a caption which started with “Dahil sa kwento na narinig mo mula sa paninira ng mga walang kwenta ay Ibig Mo ng maging PANGULO ang isang PINO ngunit SINUNGALING at NGANGA sa problema kaysa sa isang SIGA ngunit DIRETSO at TUMATAPOS ng problema?”

(Because of the story which you heard from detractors, you wanted a president who is refined yet a liar and on who doesn't solve problems instead of a brute that is direct and makes sure to end problems?)

Duterte is currently being heavily criticized about the viral video that features the Davao mayor giving one of his speeches during a political rally.

He was quoted to joke about a case of an Australian rape victim which he encountered back in 1989. The topic was majorly discussed on social media and garnered a lot of ire and dismay from netizens.

However, his newest video interview showed Duterte explaining the real context behind his "gutter joke". The mayor even said that he was the one who led the conviction of the suspects for the crime against the Australian lay missionary.

Robin also added that it should be through actions instead of words for Filipinos to achieve the change everyone wanted for the Philippines.

The caption also included the word ‘selfless’ and its synonyms seemingly wanting people to reflect on the true meaning of the word. The action star also posted the said statement on his Facebook account and added the words "Duterte for President" in the end.



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