Countries issued travel alerts after Davao bombing

Countries issued travel alerts after Davao bombing

- Five countries have already issued travel alerts after the Davao bombing last Friday

- USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Singapore have all released travel advisories for their citizens who are in or traveling to parts of the country

- Airports, ports, and train stations are also on full alert status

Five countries have issued different kinds of travel alerts to the Philippines after the Davao City Night Market explosion last Friday that claimed 14 lives and injured at least 68 individuals.

USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and Singapore have advised travelers to take cautionary measures of different degrees on their travels to specific parts of the country, especially in parts of Mindanao.

The United States Embassy has suspended, for the meantime, all travels to Mindanao even though there are no direct threat against citizens of the USA in the country.

Countries issued travel alerts after Davao bombing

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Their travel advisory stated that all US citizens must “remain vigilant and employ sound personal security measures as you go about your day.” It added that the Embassy will continue monitoring the “current state of affairs in the Philippines and will release additional messages as needed."

Canada, on the other hand, also advised its citizens not to travel to parts of Mindanao and Sulu.

The advisory stated that although citizens should be extra careful despite no nationwide advisory in effect for the Philippines. “However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to an ongoing terrorist threat to Westerners and Western interests," the Canadian government stated.

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The British Embassy also advised its citizens travelling to the Philippines to steer away from going to Eastern Davao unless it is “essential.” Eastern Mindanao is where Davao City is a part of. The advisory further stated that if it’s possible, citizens should refrain from traveling to the rest of the island.

"There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping,” the British Embassy said. It also stated that kidnapping activities have been targeting foreigners since last year.

“It's likely that terrorist groups continue to plan kidnap operations against western nationals in the region. You should remain vigilant at all times," it added.

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Meanwhile, Australian citizens have been advised to exhibit “high degree of caution” when traveling to the Philippines, in general, and should “reconsider [their] need to travel” to Eastern Mindanao, in particular. Travelers should also cancel their plans of traveling to Central and Western Mindanao, which includes Zamboanga Peninsula and the Sulu area.

Singaporeans who are already in the country are asked to be vigilant and to always monitor the local news as well as follow the instructions laid out by local authorities.

In other news, the ports, train stations, and airports around the country are on full alert status after President Rodrigo Duterte declared a state of lawless violence on Saturday. -Kami Media

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