Ellen Adarna rushed to ER due to ring entrapment

Ellen Adarna rushed to ER due to ring entrapment

- Ellen Adarna was rushed to Manila Doctors Hospital after having a swollen finger due to ring entrapment

- The actress shared the incident by posting photos and a video on her Instagram account

- Doctors had to cut the ring to free her finger

Apparently, not all pieces of jewelry could make you feel beautiful when a particular one causes you to rush to the nearest hospital.

Actress Ellen Adarna could stand as a testimony to that matter since she experienced a similar situation over a week ago.

The sexy model was brought to the emergency room of Manila Doctors Hospital after having a ring stuck on her finger, causing it to be swollen.

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Ellen shared the incident on her Instagram account, posting a video and a collage of photos that summarized her trip to the establishment.

She was horrified on the possibility of losing her finger, but doctors assured her that it won’t be the case. Ellen determinedly captioned her short clip with, “I’m not losing this finger!” and joked about having a ‘failed proposal.’

The 28-year old was accompanied by her beau, Borja Martoz Gonzalbez.

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In order to free her finger from the ornament, the doctor had to cut through the ring. Ellen was voicing out her pain in her recording, prompting the female doctor to offer her an IV pain reliever to which the Kapamilya artist gladly accepted.

Once her index finger could finally breathe again, Ellen shared how the rest of the Sunday went for her and her boyfriend. The couple had a dinner date afterwards, which Ellen considered as her ‘reward’ for ‘surviving and saving her finger.’

Meanwhile, the incident gathered a variety of reactions from her followers on the social media website. Some were pointing out how it was a ridiculous reason to immediately visit the hospital, suggesting that washing it with soap would easily do the trick. However, loyal fans of Ellen came to her rescue and defended her by claiming that it was extremely swollen to be simply cured with soap and how their idol is not a ‘drama queen.’

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Ellen Adarna started to gain fame as an online celebrity until she further rose to stardom through modeling and acting.

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