PBB housemate mourns during her temporary exit

PBB housemate mourns during her temporary exit

- Pinoy Big Brother housemate ‘Maymay’ was given the permission to leave the house in order to attend her grandfather’s wake

- She was welcomed by her inconsolable family in Camiguin City for a limited period of time

- The teenager was close to her grandparents since her mother left her in their care to work abroad, and having her father abandon her at an earlier period

The teenagers of the 7th season of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) continued to exhibit maturity in front of national television.

Marydale “Maymay” Entrata showed a brave front when she temporarily left the house to attend the wake of her grandfather.

PBB housemate mourns during her temporary exit

She had to be blindfolded on her way back to her hometown. (Photo credit: abs-cbn.com)

She was accompanied by the staff of the show to a trip back in Camiguin City where the housemate was given a limited time to be with her family during a devastating moment.

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Upon entering their household, Entrata wailed at the sight of her grandfather’s coffin. She was warmly welcomed by her relatives but that didn’t stop her from expressing her grief and regrets.

PBB housemate mourns during her temporary exit

Maymay was grief-stricken upon seeing the coffin of her grandfather. (Photo credit: abs-cbn.com)

The 19-year old also reminded her grandmother to take her medicines regularly so that they could stay together for a longer time.

Big brother relayed the bad news to Entrata last Thursday, sharing that her 69-year old father figure had passed away during his sleep. Since her mother has been working abroad her father has been long out of the picture, Entrata was in a close relationship with her grandparents - one of them being “Papa Joe.”

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According to the PBB housemate, it was him who made her life a little better by being the “joker” of the family. Even though he’s not her biological father, she never felt abandoned because he guided her like his own child.

Dubbed as ‘Ms. Wacky Go Lucky,’ she joined the show in the hopes of helping her grandfather pay his medical bills. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to witness the product of her efforts.

Her fellow housemates wanted to cheer up Entrata, as she is the one who frequently makes everyone laugh. They did everything to console her but were honest to admit that nothing will compare to the support and comfort that will be given by her family.

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PBB housemate mourns during her temporary exit

The other housemates tried their best to cheer her up. (Photo credit: abs-cbn.com)

When asked if she still wanted to continue being in the show, Entrata replied that she will continue her stint to not waste the opportunity given to her.

On Saturday, she officially went back inside the house and was thankful that she was given the permission to go out.

During previous seasons of the show, unlike Maymay, several housemates opted to leave the house permanently upon the death of their close kin.

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