Senator De Lima’s Performance as a Leader and Public Servant

Senator De Lima’s Performance as a Leader and Public Servant

- Senator Leila de Lima is the former chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights and the former secretary of the Department of Justice

- Now, De Lima holds a seat in the Senate and is still known for being a strong and brave public servant

- She bravely challenged President Rodrigo Duterte’s all-out war against drugs

Senator Leila de Lima is known as one of the top performing public servants in the country. With her recent victory in the national elections, the tough senator is faced with another challenge and the Filipino people are definitely looking forward to what the Senator has to offer the country.

Here are the 5 reasons why Leila de Lima is the country’s Wonder Woman!

Senator De Lima’s Performance as a Leader and Public Servant

Senator Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima (Photo from

De Lima is one feisty lawyer

Upon graduating from De La Salle University in 1980 with an AB history degree, De Lima entered Law School as San Beda College of Law where she finished her Bachelor of Laws as Salutatorian in 1985. Following this, she placed 8 in the 1985 Philippine Bar Examinations with an 86.26% rating.

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De Lima is a strong advocate of human rights

De Lima’s strong opposition on the extrajudicial killings is not a first for the Senator. She also proved to be a thorn during the Arroyo administration as chairperson for the Commission on Human Rights when she conducted serious investigations on the case of two UP students who were abducted and missing. This investigation led to the arrest and prosecution of General Jovito Palparan. De Lima also led the investigations on the abduction case of Jonas Burgos and the Davao Death Squad.

De Lima showed no fears despite being the target of hate of Iglesia ni Cristo

The #DeLimaBringtheTruth became trending among netizens when the politically influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) rallied against her for intervening with the affairs of their religion. De Lima acted on the complaint of Isaias Samson Jr. who filed a serious illegal detention complaint against the eight ministers of the church’s Sanggunian. INC members also vowed that they would not vote for De Lima on the national elections and that she should resign from her previous post as secretary of DOJ. Despite all of these, De Lima remained strong in bringing justice and truth in the country.

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De Lima has the courage and bravery to stand against the President

With the recent human rights crisis in the country brought by Duterte’s campaign against drugs, De Lima questioned the President because he showed no care for the lives of those killed by police in drug operation and by vigilantes. There was no due process given to alleged drug users and pushers. Due to De Lima’s opposition, Duterte publicly destroyed her by saying that she is immoral and an adulterer. It was obvious that De Lima was hurt but she chose to be professional about it and instead just focused on her job as a public servant.

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De Lima is not intimidated by rumors and allegations

Following De Lima’s probe on the campaign against illegal drugs that already killed many lives, many rumors and allegations have been thrown to De Lima. Some of them involve a secret lover, De Lima supporting drug lords, a huge amount of money obtained from involvement in illegal drugs, and so on. The Senator has a lot of haters who keep saying that she did not do anything good in the country, but her supporters stand firm beside her and still believes that De Lima will continue to bring justice and truth all the time.

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