Tweets about the #DavaoBombing

Tweets about the #DavaoBombing

Davao City night market was 'bombed' Friday evening at around 10 p.m. Although investigations are still ongoing, many citizens have come to believe that it was indeed a bombing and not a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) explosion.

However, a tweet was later on posted stating that the blast came from an improvised explosive device:

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Meanwhile, others have taken to Twitter to express their opinions about the incident. Here are some of the tweets: @theonlymonbais believes that no person in his or her right mind can sleep after the news of the bombing broke out:

With regard to trolls making use of the situation to his or her own pleasure, here's what @amorechinita1 has to say:

@imaGIEnation_ seems to agree:

So does @gabsepulchre...

and many more...

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Others seem to relate the bombing to the De Lima, Trillanes issue. Not sure what happened here:

And some are lambasting a major TV network for not providing any update with regard to the bombing...

Is it a possibility?

Sure hope this is not what is really happening here...

Duterte for the win!

Last but not the least... some graphic photo here :(

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