5 basic steps to free your social media from trolls

5 basic steps to free your social media from trolls

Trolls, whether professionals or not, have infested the World Wide Web, specifically the social media. They are people who take pleasure in lambasting, insulting, belittling, and humiliating other netizens.

They are also capable of promoting a stand, regardless of its effect in the social media world and the community as a whole. They are everywhere.

Thankfully, there are several ways to keep them off your profiles. The following are the basics:

Avoid posting offensive remarks

A troll usually is someone who is full of hate. In case of a professional troll, he or she is someone paid to pretend to be hateful and pathetic. They are always in search for posts and articles that they can attack.

So, the very first thing you can do to keep them off from your post is to refrain from posting statuses, articles, and the like that are more likely to attract them.

The rule? Always think before you post. What’s the content of your post? If you are the reader, would you be encouraged or even tempted to comment negatively about it? If yes, then do not post.

5 basic steps to free your social media from trolls

Trolling can affect a person emotionally. (Photo: sabusinessindex.co.za)

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Learn to apologize

In cases where your realization came in too late and you have already posted something attractive to trolls, the first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath and calm down.

Once you have done that, think about what happened. Was it your caption? Was it a sentence you wrote in your post? Was it the photo? Once you have pinned down what went wrong, issue an apology, delete the post, and just pray hard that no troll has taken a screenshot of it.

No who you’re up against with

Say, for example, that you did not, in any way, post something harsh or negative that could attract trolls, but still, they did find a way to your site. What should you do?

5 basic steps to free your social media from trolls

Trolls can be found in every social media site. (Photo: algonquincollegesocialmedia.files.wordpress.com)

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This is where your investigative skills become useful. Try to find out who that troll is and why he/she said what he/she did.

Be the better person

If a troll finds his/her way to your page and leaves something you don’t want to see, simply just delete the comment and move on.

Do not comment back. It’s not worth your time and energy.

Report to online security personnel

This is one of the reasons why there’s the “Report” in most social media sites.

If you believe the trolling is already out of hand – or if it has reached some point of sexual harassment (or any form of harassment), it is time that you take it to the next level. Report the person to online security personnel or if to local authorities.

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Cyberbullying should not be tolerated, and you should not let these trolls win.

Trolls, when you look at it, are people who do not have anything good to do. They are also the kind of people who would do anything (even step on someone’s dignity and value as a person) just to earn some bucks.

We do understand though that all of us need some money to survive for the day, but it is always a personal choice to choose the kind of work that hurts other people. That is just something else. -Kami Media

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