Emotional dog cries over its owner’s grave

Emotional dog cries over its owner’s grave

- A short video of a Siberian Husky dog grieving and crying over its dead owner’s grave went viral

- According to the video uploader, the dog in the video is a very sociable animal which used to work in giving therapy to traumatized soldiers

- Netizens were touched by the unbelievable bond between the dog and its late owner

A video of a dog grieving and crying while lying down over its owner’s grave had gone viral, with many netizens touched by the strong bond between man and animal.

The video shows a Siberian Husky dog getting all emotional as it lays down on its dead owner’s grave. The dog even seemed to be crying like a human being!

Emotional dog cries over its owner’s grave

Photo: Sarah and the wolves YouTube channel

The online user who uploaded the viral video said that the dog used to help soldiers who came from war to cope with their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and that its owner, the uploader’s grandmother, was very close to the Husky.

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Animal experts say that dogs are some of the most emotional, sociable and affectionate creatures in the animal kingdom. No wonder they are known as man’s best friends.

Many netizens felt emotional seeing the dog mourn for its dead owner.

“It just shows how loyal dogs really are and how they care so much,” a netizen posted.

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However, some online users are in disbelief, saying that the dog might actually be suffering from a condition called reverse sneezing.

“This seems more like the dog struggling to [breathe],” a netizen pointed out.

The video uploader responded that the Husky had never “cried” before the video was taken or ever since they left the owner’s grave.

Another netizen who claims to have a dog with a reverse sneezing condition said that the husky in the video is not suffering from a breathing condition.

“As an owner of a dog that suffers from reverse sneezing (the poor thing), I can tell you that is NOT reverse sneezing. Not even close,” the online user claimed.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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