Mother abuses kid in public

Mother abuses kid in public

- A mother abuses her kid in public by slapping and kicking the child

- One onlooker tried to stop her, but the woman tried extorting 1,000 yuan from the concerned citizen

- The woman has no permanent address and will face charges for child abuse

A video of a shocking scene of a mother and how she abused her young child went viral.

Mother abuses kid in public

Child abuse (Photo by: Facebook)

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The video was first spotted in Chinese social media Weibo, but found its way in other social media platforms. The video was shot in the city of Hunchun in northeast China's Jilin Province. A woman slapped and kicked a child. When the kid was kicked, it fell on the ground.

Although not seen on the video, according to CCTV News, there were several onlookers that saw the incident and persuaded the woman not to be brutal on a child. One of the onlookers stepped in trying to stop the woman. However, the woman demanded1,000 yuan (150 US dollars) from the onlooker to stop.

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Not surprisingly, the video sparked outrage from netizens and criticized the woman for beating a poor child.

It was learned later that the woman was the kid’s mother and was divorced with the child’s father for over a year. Authorities tried to get in touch with the mother but failed as the woman has no permanent address.

According to a lawyer, the woman will face charges under the Law on the Protection of Minors for child abuse.

Watch the video of the incident below.

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