Korean brought back to life after drowning

Korean brought back to life after drowning

- 26-year-old Ryan Kim drowned and was brought back to life by lifeguards at Bondi beach

- Nobody knew how long he stayed under the water but was immediately given first aid through CPR and a defibrillator

- He remained clinically dead for 5 minutes until he was revived by rescuers

What was supposed to be a good time frolicking at the beach turned out to be nearly a nightmare for these Korean men when one of them drowned in the sea water.

A video that has been circulating on various social media platforms has gained thousands of views after a group of brave lifeguards tried to revive the Korean man, later on identified as Ryan Kim, at Bondi beach.

It was unknown how long Ryan had stayed under the water before being found and brought back to land through a jet ski.

Korean brought back to life after drowning

A lifeguard was assisted by a beach goer in bringing Ryan back to the shore. (Photo credit: YouTube)

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He was immediately given proper emergency aid by several rescuers who performed at least four sets of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Ryan had been clinically dead for five minutes, until the lifeguards used a defibrillator to shock his heart through the chest wall as he had been assumed to be in cardiac arrest.

His friend, Dan, became emotional after witnessing the horrible turn of events. However, he was instructed by lifeguards to avoid physical contact with Ryan while the defibrillator was still on since it may electrocute him as well. They also comforted him that they have done the same procedure quite a number of times already.

Korean brought back to life after drowning

Lifeguards used a defibrillator to bring Ryan back to life. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Eventually, the 26-year-old showed signs of improvement when lifeguards managed to feel a pulse.

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He started to throw up the large amount of water he had digested. Relief flooded through everyone who surrounded the scene, and the successful revival of Ryan prompted a round of applause from onlookers.

Korean brought back to life after drowning

Ryan digested a worrying large amount of water. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Despite the impressive first aid, urgent care was still a necessity for Ryan since it was possible that he sustained other injuries during the incident. He remained prone to cardiac arrest and infection.

The inspiring act was lauded by web users, with most Filipinos commending the quick process of saving Ryan’s life. Others expressed their hopes of having the similar determination with rescuers in the Philippines, while the rest shared their respective experiences of performing CPR.

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The clip was taken from a factual television program in Australia entitled ‘Bondi Rescue.’ It documents the hectic life and tales of lifeguards who man one of the busiest beaches in the country.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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