Rylee swam and walked more than 30kms to find owners

Rylee swam and walked more than 30kms to find owners

- Rylee, a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois, fell overboard Lake Michigan in Sunday

- Its owners, Edward Kasas and Kristin, frantically searched for Rylee and sent a mayday call to find the dog

The following day, Rylee was spotted at a campground, and the couple was finally reunited with their beloved pet

Rylee swam and walked more than 30kms to find owners

Rylee with Kristin Casas (Photo credit: abcnews.com)

If you’re still wondering whether dogs are truly man’s best friend, then the story of this dog will surely make you say, “Absolutely!”

A 10-month-old Belgian Malinois, Rylee, together with its owners, were boating at Lake Michigan last Sunday, August 28. Unfortunately, the dog fell overboard right into the cold waters of the lake while its owner, Edward Casas, was in the engine room trying to fix a mechanical trouble.

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Edward’s wife, Kristin, was steering the boat towards Manitou Islands, which was why she must not have noticed when Rylee fell.

According to the couple, they didn’t immediately notice that the pup had already fallen overboard, and estimated that it must have only been 10 minutes that Rylee wasn’t on the boat.

Rylee swam and walked more than 30kms to find owners

Rylee found (Photo credit: lifewithdogs.tv)

After Edward sent a “Dog Overboard” mayday call, and the couple was lucky enough to be connected to a group whose advocacy was to search for lost dogs.

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Lynn Fiedor heard the distress call sent by Edward, and she then posted the info about Rylee on her Lost Dog Search Team Facebook page.

In just a matter of a few hours, the post has been shared for more than 500 times, and there were hundreds of people who joined the search for Rylee.

While the couple was trying frantically to find Rylee, the dog must have not made any stops and continued his long and arduous journey towards home.

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The next day, Edward and Kristin were very happy when they received information that somebody saw Rylee going to a nearby campground.

When they finally found Rylee, tears flowed, and hugs and kisses abound.

Rylee epitomized the saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Despite its young age, it was able to overcome the distance out of love for its owners.


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