Mayweather: Pac is back because of "poor decision-making"

Mayweather: Pac is back because of "poor decision-making"

- Mayweather hints that the reason behind Pacquiao's return is money issues, and critics think so as well

- The comeback match against Vargas is scheduled to happen this November 5, in either Las Vegas or Dubai

- Pacquiao allegedly has more matches lined up for him in the future

The retired American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr merely smiled after hearing that his longtime rival - none other than the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao - was back in the boxing scene. He hinted that Pacquiao's "poor decision-making" in terms of managing his finances may be the reason behind his return.

Critics are supporting Mayweather's hint, theorizing that Pacquiao's comeback match against the Mexican-American champion Jessie Vargas could just be a money-grabbing bout. Pacquiao has challenged the WBO welterweight titleholder to a 12-round encounter and this is scheduled to happen on November 5 - more than a year since the wildly popular fight between the Filipino boxing champion and Mayweather.  The venue has yet to be announced, but will be in either Dubai or Las Vegas.

Mayweather: Pac is back because of "poor decision-making"

Jessie Vargas is a 27-year-old professional American boxer. He is the current WBO welterweight champion, a title he won in 2016, and has previously held the WBA and IBO super lightweight titles in 2014. (Image Source: Youtube)

Mayweather revealed in a recent interview that he has earned plenty from his fights because of his negotiating skills and because he stayed true to himself. He recalled the first time he talked with Pacquaio on the phone, he went straight to offering him $40 million for their first fight.

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He added that he was even willing to wire Pacquaio $20 million in the 48 hours after he made the call.

Furthermore, Mayweather claimed that he also knew how to manage his money. He said he busied himself with making investments in the weeks leading up to the fight, earning an astounding $400 million from his other matches.

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In his defense, the former eight-division world champion has claimed that his comeback is not about the money, but about reveling in his greatest passion. He explained that he grew up as a boxer and that he missed competing and bringing honor to the Philippines.

Representing his beloved country and watching his Filipino supporters cheer for him during his fights humbles him and fills him with vigor, he said.

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Vargas is not the only contender Pacquiao has considered - a match with the WBO junior welterweight champion Terrence Crawford is also rumored to happen in the future.



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