Zika virus spreads beyond Singapore

Zika virus spreads beyond Singapore

- Singapore has confirmed an increased number of Zika virus cases

- According to the country’s Tourism Board, the country remains a safe travel destination

- Three countries have issued travel warnings to its citizens – Australia, South Korea and Taiwan

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that the number of cases of Zika virus has risen to 82. Some of the cases were found to be located beyond the areas pinpointed as the place of initial outbreak.

Pregnant women, including those who are trying to conceive, have already been advised by various states against traveling to Singapore due to the incident.

Zika virus spreads beyond Singapore

Zika Virus (Photo credit: theusbport.com)

Some of the Asian countries that have issued travel warnings include South Korea and Taiwan. Australia has likewise issued the same warning to its citizens.

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Acting on the emergency, Singapore advised pregnant women that they should take a free Zika test the moment they detect any of the symptoms associated with the disease. The same goes if their partner shows any of the said signs.

According to the statement released, the test must be conducted regardless of the fact if they have traveled to a Zika-infected country or not.

The advisories against travel to Singapore due to Zika came about as the country’s tourism industry faces a weak economic growth.

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The Tourism Board of Singapore was quick to give out a statement saying that it was premature identify a possible impact on the industry. It also emphasized that Singapore still remains a safe destination for travelers.

Zika virus spreads beyond Singapore

Changi Airport (Photo credit: krisgimena.blogspot.com)

Statistics shows that Changi airport of Singapore is one of the busiest in the world. More than 55 million travelers would pass through the airport every year.

More than 55 million people pass through Singapore's Changi airport every year. In the first half of this year, tourism arrivals topped 8 million, around 1 million more than a year earlier.

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The Zika outbreak started in Brazil last year. It can be recalled that it has remained a plaguing issue prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics, with many countries raising concerns for the health and safety of their citizens. – SD, Kami Media

Source: Kami.com.ph

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