5 Hugot Commercials You'd Definitely Relate To

5 Hugot Commercials You'd Definitely Relate To


#Hugot has been trending in the Philippines for quite a while. Many netizens have been posting their own hugot lines on all of their social media accounts. But what exactly does 'hugot' mean?

The word hugot literally means to pull out. There is also a Filipino phrase "malalim ang pinaghuhugutan" that just means that you're coming from a deep place and that you're emotional.

Since then, Filipinos have taken the root word hugot to connote that they're in an emotional situation, bitter, or if they just want to use it as a joke. It has become widely popular in the Philippines because it is applicable in many aspects and many can relate to it.

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Everyone who uses the hashtag hugot have their own story to share. Some have even made their own memes and videos.

Hugot has truly been a nationwide phenomena that some known brands and companies have jumped into the bandwagon for their own promos. Here are five commercials you'd definitely relate to:

1. Dolfenal's "Love"

This Television commercial entitled "Love" by Erik Matti was actually made seven years ago. Back then, however, people didn't respond well to this commercial and it only had a few views. Earlier this year, it got immediately viral when it was shared on Facebook, probably because now people are into the hugot fever. Check out the story of a man who found out his girl was cheating on her and how he got over it.

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2. Smart's "How To Survive A Breakup"

This year, Smart's video on surviving a breakup trended on social media as well for it's true-to-life situation. The guy in the video is having a hard time forgetting and moving on from his previous relationship as he looks at her photos. The song "Nanghihinayang" by Jeremiah also plays on the background to further add to the sadness. In the end, this video shows that friendships last longer than some relationships.

3. Mcdonald's "Tuloy Pa Rin"

One of the most memorable commercials this year is Mcdonald's "Tuloy Pa Rin" commercial because of how hurt people were upon seeing the female protagonist get dumped by his boyfriend. Despite the sadness, the girl was able to redeem herself by sitting at the same chair inside Mcdonald's where her ex broke up with her. As the song goes, life continues for her and things have definitely changed for the better.

4. Max's Restaurant's "BFF"

Earlier this month, Max's restaurant joined in this hugot fest by giving us the dilemma of two best friends who are afraid to confess something that would change their friendship forever. Julianne is secretly in love with his best friend Anne, while Anne wants to announce that she's already together with the other guy they're with. It ends with a cliffhanger and Max asks the people if they're #TeamBestFriend or #TeamBoyfriend.

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5. Globe's "Take That Chance"

Globe is the most recent brand to create a commercial based on hugot. In this newest commercial, a girl reminisces about her past lover and how they met. It is unclear how things didn't workout, but in the end, she took the chance. In the end, it says in the screen: "Everybody deserves a 2nd chance."

Which of these commercials were you able to relate to the most? - Kami Media


Source: Kami.com.ph

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