Budol-Budol Gang has new victims

Budol-Budol Gang has new victims

- New victims of budol-budol gang emerged as the group managed to take thousands of pesos

- Budol-budol gang is notorious for reportedly hypnotizing their victim as their modus operandi

- People are advised to be vigilant when in public place and not to talk to strangers

A report that the budol-budol gang strikes again in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City emerged.

Budol-Budol Gang has new victims

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The gang managed to take 100,000 pesos worth of cash and jewelry from the victim. According to the 69-year-old victim, she was unaware of what happened and followed the orders of the suspects to get her jewelry and cash. Another victim reportedly gave 5,000 pesos worth of cellphone and cash. Both victims claimed that the suspects approached them and they willing followed them.

It has been a legend and many witness accounts claimed that they are hypnotized by the suspects. The gang always works in groups and reportedly engages their victims in conversation and allegedly starts hypnotizing the subjects.

A victim revealed that the gang is very convincing on what they say and that she trusted them and followed them. When she came back to her senses, she realized that her phone and cash were taken away.

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However, other people do not believe that budol-budol gang hypnotizes its victim. Some people think that victims are lured by plain sweet talk of earning more by investing.

It is that time of the year as Christmas is just around the corner that modus operandi like this and criminal gangs are in the prowl. People are advised to be careful when in public places.

The following are some tips on how not to be a victim of budol-budol gang.







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Watch the video of the latest report on budol-budol gang below.

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