5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

We might not have paid attention to these amazing events that took place in the past or we simply are not aware of these.

Well, you might want to check out these interesting Pinoy facts that will leave your mind blown. Here are 5 of the amazing facts that are worth knowing:

# 5 Cory Aquino's favorite color is not yellow

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

Late President Corazon Aquino (Photo from filipiknow.net)

The Aquinos are known for having the color yellow as their symbol during the EDSA People Power Revolution. However, the late President Corazon "Cory"Aquino admitted once that her favorite color is actually red.

She further explained that the yellow color symbol started when some of her friends suggested a song called "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" for Ninoy Aquino's homecoming.

# 4 Jaz Cola is originally made for Visayan people

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

Jaz Cola (Photo from filipiknow.net)

You have probably tried or have seen this soda made by The Coca Cola Company, but did you know that this beverage is originally made for people from Visayas region. It is said to have "fueled Visayan pride among its teen consumers." 

However, despite it being made for Visayan consumers, people outside the region have also had a taste of this soda.

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# 3 Pepsi had a promo, offering 1 million pesos to a consumer who gets "349" printed on a bottle cap. Little did they know that half a million bottle caps were printed the winning code.

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias


Speaking of soda, the Pepsi-Cila Products Philippines offered a promo on May 25, 1992 called "Number Fever" where anyone who gets a bottle cap with the code "349" will get 1 million pesos. Apparently, 500,000 bottles have the code and the company had spent more than 200 million pesos to give away to half a million winners.

The company then revealed that a technical glitch took place. The case was closed in 2006.

#2 22.6-foot python attacks 16 Agta Negrito and swallowed one

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

22.6-foot python (Photo from filipiknow.net)

In the 1970's, a 22.6-foot reticulated phyton terrorized the Agta Negrito, an indigenous tribe residing in Luzon. The python, according to anthropologist Thomas N. Headland who studied and lived with the tribe, attacked 15 men and one woman of the 120 tribe members.

6 were reportedly killed and one was later found inside the snake's belly.

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# 1 The first couple to have same-sex marriage in the country are members of NPA

5 mind-blowing Pinoy trivias

First same-sex marriage in the Philippines (Photo from filipiknow.net)

The first same-sex marriage in the Philippines happened in February 2005 in Compostela Valley in Mindanao. It was between two New People's Army (NPA) members, Ka Andres and Ka Jose.

During the wedding ceremony which was participated by their comrades and some close friends, a choir serenaded the couple with revolutionary love songs while they held hands, keeping a bullet in the other which symbolizes their commitment to the armed struggle. - Kami Media

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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