Fans sees ‘Alyas Robin Hood’-‘Arrow’ similarities

Fans sees ‘Alyas Robin Hood’-‘Arrow’ similarities

- Fans pointed some of the similarities of the similarities of “Alyas Robin Hood” and “Arrow”

- “Arrow” star Stephen Amell called out GMA for a knock off of his show

- “Alyas Robin Hood” is one of the newest additions in the primetime programming of the network

Fans were quick to point out the similarities of the new GMA show "Alyas Robin Hood" and "Arrow". Netizens noticed that the poster of the two were very similar and accused GMA of having no originality and ripping off the TV series.

Fans sees ‘Alyas Robin Hood’-‘Arrow’ similarities

'Alyas Robin Hood' called out by Stephen Amell (Photo by: Facebook)

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“Arrow” star Stephen Amell posted a video clip of GMA’s latest show “Alyas Robin Hood”. Although the actor just used an emoji, people are quick to feel ashamed that the latter was a rip off of CW’s hit TV series.

It seems that GMA is trying to recreate the success of the CW show.

The trailer of “Alyas Robin Hood” is similar to the first promo trailer. The plot is also quite similar with Robin Hood and Arrow being vigilantes. Moreover, long before the Emerald Archer of Star City was known as the Green Arrow, he was called "the Hood."

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“Alyas Robin Hood” stars Dingdong Dantes and will premiere on Sept. 19. Based on the video teaser of the show, Robin Hood is an archer/vigilante that fights crime. It is most likely that the new show will go head-to-head with the rival network’s “Ang Probinsyano,” which is soaring high in ratings.

Meanwhile, “Arrow” stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, a playboy billionaire fighting crime with his bow and arrow while donning a green hood. The show will be back on its fifth season on Oct. 5.

Filipino fans of Stephen Amell were quick to apologize to the actor on ripping off “Arrow”.  GMA has not commented on the issue yet. Reports claimed that the network is experiencing a decline with its programming.

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