Nadine Samonte introduces daughter to the world!

Nadine Samonte introduces daughter to the world!

- Nadine Samonte-Chua gave birth on August 27 to a baby girl and named her Heather Sloane

- Nadine's pregnancy was a delicate one after she suffered from an autoimmune disorder

- Nadine and husband Richard Chua got married in 2013 

Nadine Samonte-Chua shared her first family photo on Instagram after giving birth to their first child on August 27.

Nadine and husband Richard Chua are now officially parents after the birth of baby girl Heather Sloane.

On her Instagram post, Nadine expressed her gratitude for the safe delivery. She also officially welcomed her baby girl to the outside world.

“Say hi to baby Heather Sloane [heart emoji] now we are complete! They are my life [heart emoji] Thank you so much Lord! @rboy_chua #HeatherSloane”

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In another Instagram post, Nadine posted a close-up photo of Heather Sloane. In the caption, Nadine narrated how she is doing so far.

She said that she has not slept a bit since the baby came out. She also said that her baby girl falls asleep when resting on her chest.

“Ang sarap maging isang ina ang sarap ng feeling (Being a mom feels so good)…” she wrote.

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She also shared her challenges in breastfeeding. Nadine said there is no stopping now after all the pain that she has been through.

“…that’s [sic] the only gift I [sic] can give to my daughter na hindi kayang ibigay ng iba (It’s the only gift I can give my daughter that nobody else can)…” she added.

It can be recalled that Nadine went through a delicate pregnancy, after suffering from antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APAS), which is an autoimmune disorder resulting to antibodies mistakenly attacking tissues or cells.

In one of her posts, Nadine said that her whole body felt painful especially because of the bruises that are found everywhere.

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Despite the hardship, she remained strong. She thanked her husband for being there, even though she gets moody most of the time.

Nadine gave birth at Manila Doctors Hospital. Richard’s mother Isabel Rivas was also present during the delivery as she is also excited to become a first-time grandmother.

Nadine and Richard were married on October 30, 2013, at a farm owned by Isabel in Zambales. -Kami Media

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