Sandara Park opens up about training to be K-Pop star

Sandara Park opens up about training to be K-Pop star

- Sandara Park talked about her two years’ worth of training to be a ‘total performer’ in South Korea

- Acting, singing, and dancing workshops were included and foreign language classes were also required

- She stressed the importance of having an ‘appeal’ to the masses in order to pursue a career in the industry

From being a crowd favorite in ‘Star Circle Quest’ back in 2004, Sandara Park has made a name for herself internationally after being a member of girl group 2NE1 upon her return to South Korea.

Sandara Park opens up about training to be K-Pop star

The group had a hiatus on the latter part of 2014. (Photo credit:

But who could have expected the ‘pambansang krung krung’ to make it this big in the industry?

In an interview on ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda,’ Sandara opened up about the rigorous training artists undergo to ensure becoming a total performer in her birth country.

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According to the singer, her two-year training was ‘very short’ compared to others who dedicated at least 6 to 10 years for the training. Included in the preparation were workshops on singing, acting, dancing – even hip hop and crumping were among the varieties.

This was straight after her years of active participation in the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

Furthermore, in order to be capable on being marketed in a global scale, they were also required to take several classes on foreign languages particularly English, Japanese, and Chinese.

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Soon after, she debuted as the ‘soft vocal’ of the quartet, and recalled how she and fellow members of 2NE1 used to have a difficult time walking down the streets of Seoul without security eight years ago due to their popularity.

Although Sandara has an easier time going around the metro now, she still confesses of being cautious of the places she visits.

When asked on which weighs more, being ‘cute’ or having a ‘good voice,’ Sandara claims that what matters most is the ‘appeal.’

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The ‘Pinoy Boyband Superstar’ judge noted how one could further hone their skills through practice; hence the vitality of owning the ‘appeal’ that would capture the attention of the masses.

Sandara shared the reason behind her return to the country too. ‘Right timing,’ was what the 31-year old said. It was not the first time ABS-CBN offered her a project, but she could not help but decline before due to her hectic schedule back in Korea. Moreover, Sandara feels that she could perform better now on her upcoming program since she herself came from a girl group.

Aside from being known in the music industry, Sandara has also proven her acting chops on several TV series in Korea when she starred in ‘Dr. Ian,’ ‘We Broke Up,’ and ‘Missing You’ in 2015.

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