Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

- A footage of a falling star during daytime went viral after a citizen in Thailand uploaded it on YouTube

- The meteor which surprised everyone because of its size and the fact that it didn’t appear at night was confirmed by an expert

- Aside from the recording caught in a vehicle’s dash cam, several witnesses also shared what they observed

In a rare occurrence, a citizen from Thailand was able to document a falling meteor in broad daylight through his dash cam.

Usually, meteor showers or falling stars could be seen at night. But according to Porjai Jaturongkhakun, he was just as surprised when he saw the phenomena. On his way to work, a bright fireball appeared out of nowhere.

Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

The video now has more than 4 million views on YouTube. (Photo credit: YouTube)

He described it as a ‘quick bright light coming down.’ It was so sudden that he easily assumed that his mind just imagined what happened. Luckily for him, his dash cam came in handy as he recorded a footage of everything.

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It turns out Jaturongkhakun doesn’t even need a video recording to prove what he saw because something as big as that was also witnessed by other residents.

There were some who were still skeptical about the video which was viewed for over 4.2 million times already.  Some even accused the uploader of editing or imagining things but soon enough, all their doubts were put to rest.

Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

Falling stars were actually space rocks that crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere. (Photo credit:

An adviser of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Voravit Tanvuttibundit, confirmed it himself to the Agence-France Passe that it was a meteor.

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According to him, he was very confident of his declaration since it was fast and very bright like a falling star.

He confirmed what everyone knew that it was a normal occurrence for meteors to fall but what they witnessed around 8:40 in the morning of local time (01: 40 GMT) was brighter and bigger.

Although millions of viewers were amused, other natives took it as a bad omen since Thailand was known for its superstitious beliefs.

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A Facebook user, Dilok Jantaradilok, said it was an ill omen which can be attributed to their chaotic government and country.

Someone from YouTube also asked the question in everyone’s minds. How did this person get so lucky to record something like that?

Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

The uploader was really lucky to record something phenomenal. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Another commentor pointed out a nice observation that even though how incredible the video was, the people’s safety should be checked first.

Meteor hits Thailand during broad daylight

Falling stars can be dangerous if it hits an inhabited area. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Despite the term, ‘falling stars,’ these falling objects were rocks from space which crashed in our atmosphere. They can fall as fast as 60 kilometers or 37 miles per second while burning up in flashes of light.


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