Two-legged cat captures hearts of people

Two-legged cat captures hearts of people

- Roux the two-legged cat has earned the sympathy and love of web users as her story was shared by owner Jackie Deak Akey

- According to Akey, Roux was adopted after she was surrendered by previous owners to animal rescue

- The two-year old cat did not allow her condition to hamper her life and went about like a normal, regular cat

People easily fall prey to the charming ways of a cat, but you surely did not expect to have your heart captured by this adorable kitty who only dons two legs.

Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, or most widely known as Roux by her fans. If you think hopping like a bunny is the only thing Roux has up on her sleeve, you’re wrong – this little fluff of cuteness earned a massive following of nearly 400,000 on her Instagram account.

According to Buzz Flare, Roux was born with her condition which was due to a congenital abnormality called transverse terminal hemimelia. Apparently, the growth of her two front legs stopped at the upper bone, hence the short length. Her bob tail was highly likely to be related to the abnormality as well.

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But the online sensation did not consider her situation as a step back. Instead, she found a way to enjoy and play around with her owner by resembling a bunny’s movements.

In an interview with Meowbox, Roux’s owner, Jackie Deak Akey shared how she adopted the few months old kitten back in 2014. In October two years ago, Roux was surrendered to an animal rescue in New Orleans for simply failing to ‘bury her poop in the litter box.’ Akey was heartbroken after hearing the story, and when a photo of the little kitten was sent to her email, she claimed that it was ‘love at first sight.’

Thankfully, Roux does not suffer any pain on top of her condition. As for Akey, she plans to have her pet ‘evaluated by a veterinary orthopedic specialist’ while she ages, in concern if Roux will need prosthetics in the future.

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However, that appears to be still a long time coming since Roux is evidently healthy based on Akey’s retelling of how the former spends her day.

The 2-year old cat is not alone as she plays with two other four-legged sisters named Kona and Graybee. The three are very active and affectionate to each other and to Akey as well.

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Akey urged readers and fans to adopt animals, and hoped that they would not ‘overlook the special kittens.’

Web users were inspired and charmed by the adorable cat. They were vocal on their praises towards Roux on the comments section of her Instagram account, calling her ‘beautiful,’ ‘sweet,’ and ‘clever.’


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