Why there are many Duterte supporters online; explained

Why there are many Duterte supporters online; explained

We are all familiar with the Die-hard Duterte Supporters and we often wonder why they are so great in number and it seemed that they express their opinions in every post about the president.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has won the recent elections by a landslide, which attests to his popularity. Social media has played a critical role in Duterte’s campaign. It seemed every social media post about the president, there are people backing him up, while booing the other political party.

Below are the five reasons why there are so many Duterte supporters online.

Why there are many Duterte supporters online; explained

The tough-talking president during his speech at the Heroes Cemetery last August 29.

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1. Color theory

Do not be surprised, but some people chose solely based on color. Color is at play since the elections with Duterte’s colors being a combination of blue and red. According to surveys, blue is the most popular color across age groups, genders, and locations. The second favorite color of people is red.

Blue represents calmness and strategic thinking. This perfectly describes Duterte’s calm demeanor during meetings and speeches. Red, on the other hand, evokes aggressiveness and passion that is showed in Duterte’s aggressive stance on his war on drugs and criminality.

Meanwhile, yellow is much further down the list and projects optimism and happiness.

2. Bandwagon effect

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. As they say, there is strength in numbers and people do not want to face the embarrassment of a loss either in an argument or debate. Thus, we tend to group and identify ourselves in groups with most people. The Bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon that says most people are most likely adopt a belief or start doing something if they think it has momentum.

People get information around us and we tend to go with the majority. It is easier to be in the “in crowd” and on a certain side of a political issue.

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3. Personality

We do not see a lot of Duterte supporters taking their grievances to the streets. While partly because they have nothing to protest on, we can also say that the group is packed with opinionated yet meek bunch. Introverts prefer less interaction and hide behind the internet’s anonymity. Most DDS who are social media commenters are mostly introverts who we fondly call as “matapang lang sa internet/text”.

Why there are many Duterte supporters online; explained

4. Influencers

Most Duterte supporters are influencers in social media. Influencers are social media users that can sway public opinion and build relationships with others. Some of the influencers in Duterte’s team are Mocha Uson, Ira Panganiban, and Senyora Santibanez. They have amassed followers that follow their tweets or posts.

5. Professional trolls

Rumor has it that Duterte’s camp has hired professional trolls that respond to posts that tend to derail the presidency as well as criticize the president. Professional trolls are paid to respond to posts aggressively. Oftentimes, trolls have multiple accounts that make most people think that a lot of people support a particular agenda or issue.

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