There is such a thing as 'professional trolls'

There is such a thing as 'professional trolls'

- Professional trolls are trolls who are paid by legitimate public relations outfit

- To become a professional troll, you must have at least 50,000 followers and must be an "influencer"

- Trolls are people who pick a fight with anyone who does not agree with his or her beliefs

A troll is someone who usually picks a fight online for varied reasons. Apparently, there is such a thing today called professional trolls.

Professional trolls are paid employees of an existing and legitimate public relations outfit. His or her job is quite simple: run social media campaigns for different clients.

Professional trolls go by different titles, excluding that of being a troll.

There is such a thing as 'professional trolls'

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They can be called “social media marketing consultant” and “social media marketing specialist,” among other things.

Engaging the audience in different discussions is one of the job responsibilities of a professional troll. However, he or she is also responsible for trolling other people.

It has been proven to be effective; just like what analysts have said for years already.

The social media has indeed become a battleground for the people, and the “first casualty is the truth.”

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We have seen trolls picking a fight against someone who does not agree with the ways of Duterte; trolls that argue with those that are against the “Yellow” community; and even trolls who would crush you to the ground if you say something bad about Leila De Lima.

Are they professional trolls? They may or may not be one.

To give you a glimpse, professional trolls, more or less, have enough followers, making them “influencers.”

“You need to have a lot of followers before you can become an ‘influencer,’ like at least 50,000,” one professional troll explains.

There is such a thing as 'professional trolls'

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Their ultimate goal is to “push an agenda, to propagandize.”

Professional trolls can hide under dummy accounts with generic backgrounds, such as “concerned netizen” and “struggling OFW.”

Whether the Philippines like it or not, professional trolls help make things happen. They can make a topic trending and can win the hearts and views of other people, making it their keyboard warriors.

Thus, before you pick a fight with someone online, try to find out if it’s worth it. You might actually be fighting against someone who is paid to annoy and bit the crap out of you.

The only problem is that you are on the losing end: he or she is paid while you’re not. -Kami Media

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