Top 10 threats Duterte made in the past months

Top 10 threats Duterte made in the past months

- Duterte won the Philippine Presidential elections in a landslide, promising to eradicate drug related crime in 3-6 months of his presidency

- President Duterte is known for his tough talk, even threatening to declare martial law

- Here are 10 threats Duterte made in the past months

President Rodrigo Duterte is known to be a tough talker. In the past months, Duterte has threatened to leave the UN, threatened to declare martial law, and even threatened to kill corrupt government officials.

Here are 10 threats that Duterte made in the past months.

Threatens to leave U.N.

With more than 1,800 people killed since his inauguration, UN human rights experts demand for the killings to stop. Feeling insulted, President Duterte threatens to leave the UN. Great conclusion right? It gets better, Duterte says he will invite China to create their own copy of the UN. As of now, no such act will be ensued.

Top 10 threats Duterte made in the past months

President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo credit: channel news asia)

Threatens to "whack" U.N. Envoy

In light of the extrajudicial killings, the U.N. said that they would be sending an envoy to investigate the vigilante killings in the Philippines. President Duteret did not take this announcement quite well. The President threatened to “whack” the envoy on the head if she stepped on Philippine soil.

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Threatens Terrorist group

After the beheading of an 18 year old hostage, president Duterte called on another war. A war focused on “destroying” the Abu Sayyaf terror group. This will not be like the previews campaign, said Duterte. He threatens the Abu Sayyaf that he will eliminate them all, and has ordered the police and the armed forces to do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

Threatens to declare martial law

With the escalation of situations revolving around his war on drugs, Judge Sereno and other officials said they will not comply. Feeling threatened himself, Duterte says he is willing to declare martial law. It might be a “last option” for him, but it is still a threat that should not be taken lightly.

Threatens the lives of journalists

According to the President, journalists are not exempt from assassinations. In his controversial press conference, the tough talking former mayor of Davao said if journalists are “sons of bitches,” then they deserve to be assassinated. He further claimed that most of the 174 journalists who died since President Marcos declared Martial Law were corrupt and therefore deserved to die.

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Threatens cancelling peace talks with rebels

Earlier in July, President Duterte threatened to call off the ceasefire with communist rebels in Mindanao after government forces were killed in an ambush. Duterte threatened to cancel the long sought peace agreement if the rebels did not return the ceasefire. This time, Duterte actually went through with his threat and cancelled the unilateral ceasefire.

Threatens Peter Lim

Earlier in July, President Duterte threatened to kill businessman Peter Lim if evidence arises that the Chinese man was a top drug lord. Duterte said that he doesn’t like liars and would have Lim killed if authorities proved he was linked to drug activities. Peter Lim is now under investigation and hoping to prove his innocence to the president, or be executed.

Threatens government scaliwags

In August, an exasperated President Duterte threatened to name the “scaliwags” within the government who still continue to be corrupt. Duterte promises to clean all corruption in the government and threatened all government officials, judges, policemen, and politicians who have participated in graft and corruption.

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Threatens to cancel multinational contracts

President Duterte threatened to cancel the contracts of multinational logging firms if the companies fail to comply with law that exercise responsible logging. If the logging firms do not plant trees after their logging activities, the President said that he would void their contracts.

Threatens US and Australia to cut diplomatic ties

During his Presidential campaign, Duterte made a joke about the rape of a missionary. After being criticized by US and Australian ambassadors for the rape joke, Duterte told the diplomats to “shut their mouths” and threatened to severe ties with the countries if he becomes president. - Kami Media




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