New Thai teen Fight Club is just violent phenomenon! (Video)

New Thai teen Fight Club is just violent phenomenon! (Video)

– Brand new “Fight Club” in Thailand for teenagers becomes very popular and shows really no mercy to its competitors

– Police now are investigating this case, hoping to stop this street violence that involves teens

– Despite, a mature organizer thinks he breaks no law with it and tries to defend his club

Videos of Fight Club in Thailand began appearing online about a month ago. Now YouTube channel Fight Club Thailand has more than 90 videos of teen fighting each other.

Each fight lasts three minutes, with competitors wearing gum shields and gloves but no protective head gear. They also fight on concrete, not in a designated ring.

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That’s what 32-year-old Joe Nok, organizer of the club, says:

"The atmosphere is electric. You have to be very brave to step into the ring. The crowd loves it. There's blood being spilled, bones cracking and bruises. But this country is the home of Muay Thai. Do you want fairy kisses and cuddles?"

Watch the shocking videos below (Warning: there’s a lot of real violence and blood).

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Nok also said there 'are no losers here' as everyone is just an ordinary person with a day job that simply likes to fight. When police have approached them about the practice being a bit dangerous, they've simply replied that with no declared winner or loser, it is simply fitness training and they're allowed to carry on.



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