VIDEO: Elephants dancing to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style'

VIDEO: Elephants dancing to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style'

- A video of two elephants dancing to “Gangnam Style” had swept the online community

- Many netizens were amazed at the dancing skills of the elephants

- Other online users felt sorry for the elephants because they are being forced to perform for the audience

A video of two elephants performing in front of a crowd while dancing to the tune of “Gangnam Style” had gone viral.

The clip shows one of the elephants performing effortlessly while the other animal seems to be having a difficult time remembering the moves. One of the two trainers in the video is tasked to guide the struggling elephant perform its dance moves efficiently.

The trainer can also be seen hitting the smaller elephant every time it makes a mistake dancing to “Gangnam Style.”

VIDEO: Elephants dancing to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style'

Gangnam (Photo: YouTube)

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“Gangnam Style” is a popular song by South Korean superstar Psy. The song became a worldwide hit in 2012 and its music video is considered as the most watched YouTube video of all-time with over 2.6 billion views.

The online community gave mixed responses to the elephants’ dance video. Some netizens applauded the elephants’ dance performance and the trainer’s ability to control the enormous animal.

“Galing ng elepante. Syempre pati nagturo,” a netizen commented.

(The elephants were impressive. Of course, the trainers were impressive too.)

However, other netizens pointed out that the video is a display of animal abuse.

“Nagbibigay kasiyahan sa mga tao pero di natin alam kung pano sila i-training ng mga nag aalaga sa knila. I’m sure maraming palo nararanasan nila. Nakakaawa din,” an online user wrote.

(The elephants are giving joy to humans but we have no idea what they go through in the hands of their trainers. I’m sure that they suffer a lot of hits. I feel for them.)

VIDEO: Elephants dancing to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style'

Photo: Action press / Rex Features

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Elephants are known as some of the most intelligent creatures in the world. Animal experts have also observed that elephants are very emotional creatures and that they have highly developed social skills.

What do you think? Should these animal performances be allowed to continue? Or should they be set free in their natural habitat?

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