9-month-old baby raped by dad

9-month-old baby raped by dad

- Rodolfo Valle Jr., a carpenter from Taytay, Rizal is facing charges of statutory rape, following his alleged rape of his 9-month-old baby

- The nine-month-old baby has been the newest addition to the growing number of rape victims in the country

- According to the baby's mother, she will pursue the charges filed against the drug-addicted Valle, "as nobody would do such a thing" 

A 34-year-old carpenter has been arrested on Wednesday, August 25, following reports that he raped his nine-month-old baby in Sitio Tupay, Barangay San Juan, Taytay, Rizal.

The suspect, Rodolfo Valle Jr., denied the charges saying, “My conscience is clear and I cannot do such a crime.”

9-month-old baby raped by dad

This nine-month-old baby was victimized by her very own father. (Photo credit: philstar.com)

Elena, Valle's partner who is four-months-pregnant, said that her baby kept on having chills despite the warm weather, prompting her to bring the child for an examination at a clinic. The doctor had noticed the child's "blackened" sex organ, which led Elena to Supt. Resty Damaso, the Taytay police chief.

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Damaso had the child examined at the PNP Crime Laboratory and Chief Insp. Maria Anna Lisa de la Cruz confirmed that the child has lacerated wounds in her sex organ.

The findings at the police crime lab prompted the local police, together with the municipal social welfare officers, to arrest Valle who gave himself up without a fight.

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Rizal Police Director Senior Supt. Rodolfo Anduyan said that the couple resides in the mountainous portion of Barangay San Juan and the closest neighbors are at least a kilometer away.

The baby's mother, Elena, believed that Valle, being a drug addict, committed the crime and vowed to pursue the statutory rape charges filed by the police, saying, "I only wanted him to admit the crime as nobody would do such a thing as only the two of us are in the house.” 

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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