What caused the Soviets to lose the Space Race?

What caused the Soviets to lose the Space Race?

What caused the Soviets to lose the Space Race?

- This video tries to explain why the Soviets lost the Space Race to the Americans and never reached the moon

- The author believes that the mostly likely cause for that was that caused by the USSR's poor infrastructure, political backstabbings and unstable rockets

- Watch the video to understand how close the Soviets got to winning the space race and what caused them to lose

On July 20 1969 Neil Armstron and Buzz Aldrin planted the Star-Spangled Banner on the moon making history and defeating the USSR in the Space-Race.

Why did the Soviets never make it to the moon? America was always behind the USSR in the space race: the Soviets were the first to put a satellite in orbit, send a man into space and the first to send a spacecraft around the moon. They were so close to winning the race, but what caused them to stagnate?

According to this video it was probably caused by the constant infighting between different research groups, all fighting each other for the Kremlin’s approval.

What caused the Soviets to lose the Space Race?

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When rocket-expert Korolev, best known for the Sputnik launch and Yuri Gagarin’s flight, got the job to build a rocket powerful enough to deliver communists to the moon he ran into serious problems.

First and fore most it was the poor Soviet infrastructure which didn’t allow him to construct massive rocket engines like on the American Saturn V. Instead he had to opt for multiple smaller engines. The Soviet N1 rocket made use of thirty engines set in a circle. None of the N1 rockets made it out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The main problem with this build was overheating on their close-cycle systems, although it did have the potential to create more thrust. NASA, on the other hand, used a far more reliable, albeit less powerful, open-cycle system.

When the Americans finally got their hands on the Soviet closed-cycle rockets they were shocked by how far they got with the technology. The technology was the most powerful and efficient engine they had ever seen and served as the basis for the Atlas rockets used up till this day.

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