VIDEO: Giant python fights a scary alligator

VIDEO: Giant python fights a scary alligator

- A video clip showing an epic battle between an alligator and a python has swept the online community

- The fight showed how fast and sneaky snakes can be and how powerful and dominant alligators can be

- Both reptiles received punishment during the fight but one of them seemed to have gotten more injuries

A video of a giant python and a scary alligator engaging in a violent fight had gone viral, with many netizens amazed by the rare encounter and the fight result.

The thrilling footage starts with the alligator encountering the python in the river. Most people would think that the alligator would be the one to pick a fight since it is the heavier reptile.

VIDEO: Giant python fights a scary alligator

Photo: Ojatro / YouTube

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However, the giant python is the one who approaches the alligator to pick a fight. The snake must be really hungry to prey on an alligator!

Naturally, the alligator did not back down from the fight. The python makes the first move, delivering a quick bite on the reptile’s snout.

With its thick scales and armor, the alligator shrugs off the python’s bite. It started to attack the snake and was able to bite down on its body with its powerful jaws.

The snake tried to counter by squeezing the alligator with its long body. However, the alligator seems to be unaffected by the counter attack.

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After several moments, the alligator seems to have gotten tired of struggling with the python and decided to back down. The python might seem victorious because of the alligator’s escape but the snake seemed to have been gravely wounded by the bite it received.

Many netizens were amazed at the fight and how the snake was able to survive the battle.

“How was the alligator bite unable to crush the python spinal and tear the flesh?” a confused netizen asked.

“Alligator just got tired of playing. That snake would've gotten dealt with had it not,” another online user said.

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