Viral FB post warns about armed Grab driver

Viral FB post warns about armed Grab driver

- The story about a Grab driver who threatened a passenger with a gun started trending on Facebook

- The user, Benj Hung, who was clueless on what made his driver angry was scared for his life and warned other passengers by posting details about the incident

- Hung also commented that he already reported the driver aside from merely posting the tale on social media

Filipinos have recently found comfort in using Grab Philippines. Instead of going through the hassle of hailing cabs, all they need to do is install an application on their smartphones for convenience.

Aside from the varieties of riding a taxi, a car, or a premium vehicle, they can also deliver your parcels as long as it’s within Metro Manila.

Initially, the reason why it started changing the transportation industry in the country is because of the security it brings to its users. Since the driver’s personal information is available, passengers can easily track their drivers in case something goes wrong.

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However, Facebook user Benj Hung had a different story to tell as he warned other Grab users to cancel their trip if they stumbled upon the same driver he did.

Viral FB post warns about armed Grab driver

The post included the photo and the name of the driver along with the plate number. (Photo credit: Facebook)

Hung just got off from work when he booked a GrabCar on his way to Taft, Manila. Upon seeing the car with the plate number, VF 6483, on the other side of the street, he immediately went down his building. Instead of driving all the way to his side like what other drivers usually do, he was asked to cross the road.

The young man simply did not mind and situated himself on the passenger seat. But when they reached the first stoplight, things started to go downhill.

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Since the car in front of them was not moving, Hung instructed the driver to make a left turn already. Even after noticing that the driver seems annoyed, he continued to voice out that the vehicle ahead of them won’t be budging anytime soon.

After that, the driver turned their car to the left and asked him to go down. Puzzled by what’s happening, Hung inquired what he did wrong. The driver, whose name was Mark Rolyn Bonifacio, didn’t provide him an answer but instructed him that trip was to be cancelled.

When Hung still insisted for an explanation, the Bonifacio lost his temper and brought out a gun as he threatened him to go down the car or else he will shoot him.

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Upon seeing the firearm, Hung quickly got out and went to a public place in fear for his safety since the driver was still shouting “hoy ano laban ka? (Come on, will you fight me?)”

The post which has now reached more than 8,500 likes and was shared by more than 5,700 people scared a lot of netizens. They started tagging other people who also use the same application.

One of them even feared that this has already happened before when another passenger was threatened with a gun as well – only because she didn’t have a spare change.

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Viral FB post warns about armed Grab driver

Other users wanted the driver to be arrested before he really shoot anyone. (Photo credit: Facebook)

While someone pointed out that he should’ve reported it to the 8888 hotline, Hung replied that he already did.

Viral FB post warns about armed Grab driver

The uploader already reported the incident aside from sharing it on Facebook. (Photo credit: Facebook)

Grab caters around 620 million people in South East Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. They also offer GrabBike and GrabHitch among others.


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