Dead body of transgender found under a bed in a hotel

Dead body of transgender found under a bed in a hotel

- Hotel guests in Pattaya, Thailand complained about a bad odor inside their room but shrugged it off and left the next day

- Staff found out that the smell came from the dead body of a transgender woman hidden under the bed

- Two teens have confessed to the crime and said that the victim was forcing one of them to engage in sexual intercourse which resulted into a fight

Two people stayed overnight in a five-storey hotel in Pattaya, Thailand on Friday, August 19. They were unaware that a dead body of a transgender was sharing the same room with them – even under the bed they were lying on!

The hotel guests complained of a foul stench during their stay and requested for a staff to help get rid of the smell. Although unsuccessful, they opted to still push through with their booking but left soon the next day.

It was then when a cleaner was tidying up the room that she noticed blood seeping out from under the mattress.

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Dead body of transgender found under a bed in a hotel

A dead body was found under the mattress of a hotel bed. (Photo credit: Kicker Daily News)

Eventually, the hotel staff discovered the lifeless remains of a transgender woman identified as Amphon Kongsong.

Dead body of transgender found under a bed in a hotel

Amphon Kongsong was the victim of the crime. (Photo credit: Kicker Daily News)

The suspects for the crime were both teenage boys, with one age 17 while the other 14, were immediately arrested by police officials.

Upon questioning, the boys easily confessed to their evil deeds and narrated the turn of events to the authorities.

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According to a report by The Bangkok Post, the elder of the two met Amphon through Facebook. After becoming acquainted with each other, the latter invited the 17-year old to look for a job at the same district where she worked at a beer bar.

Interested and was also on the hunt for employment, the young man agreed and asked for the company of his friend.

Dead body of transgender found under a bed in a hotel

The two teens confessed their actions to the authorities. (Photo credit: The Bangkok Post)

Amphon checked in at the hotel, where she stayed for several nights with the pair of teenagers whom she played a good host with – bringing them food as well.

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However, the situation took a tragic turn when Amphon allegedly wanted to have sexual intercourse with the 17-year old who refused. A heated argument between the two soon ensued, which erupted into a physical fight.

The duo confessed of being responsible for Amphon’s death, with the older strangling her and the 14-year old holding down her legs. They proceeded to hide the transgender’s motionless body under the mattress and left the premises.

Police officials were able to trace back the root of Amphon’s death with the help of the CCTV placed in the hotel. Aside from facing the consequences of their recent actions, the teens already possess a record of assault-related cases.

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