Elephant dies on its way back home

Elephant dies on its way back home

- Elephant gets separated from its herd during a flood

- Officials try to help it get back to its reserve

- Unfortunately the elephant dies from exhaustion

Elephants are great majestic beasts. They do not seem to have any weaknesses, and when you see such a great beast fall short in breath, it hurts.

Elephant dies on its way back home

(Photo from Standard.co.uk)

This was what happened in Bangladesh when a great elephant “breathed its last at about 7am”, says Ashit Ranjan Paul, chief wildlife conservator.

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The elephant was separated from its herd because of flooding in the area. When the flood level dropped the elephant started its approximate 1,600 km journey from India back to Bangladesh.

When the elephant crossed the border, in late June, back into Bangladesh it was weak, says officials. To preserve its life, the rangers tranquilized it three times to help them move the elephant into a safari park in Bangladesh.

The elephant was given too much doses of saline and was tied up. This was to let the elephant rest and hopefully recover from its journey.

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Unfortunately the attempts to save it were in vain as the elephant shortly died after.

“We have given our highest effort to save the animal. At least 10 forest rangers, vets and police officers have constantly followed it for the last 48 days. But our luck is bad”, Ashit Ranjan Paul says in the subject of recovering the elephant.

Local news blame its death on the over use of tranquillizing the elephant. But Paul assumes otherwise.

Paul says that the elephant has supposedly travelled from Assam, after being separated from its herd, back to the Bangladesh in a stretch of more than 1,600km. This is assumed to have caused its death.

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“In the end it became too tired by travelling such a great length. It had been separated from its herd for some two months and did not get the nutrients that it needed,” Pual says.

He also continues by saying that the thousands of curious onlookers hindered the efforts put into recovering the elephant. - Kami Media



Source: Kami.com.ph

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