5 coming soon movies you should watch with friends

5 coming soon movies you should watch with friends

- See 5 trailers of different movies that are said to be good

- Form horror to adventure you get to see which movies you would want to watch

- Prepare your snacks and company and have a great time watching

Are you not stressed from all the hard work you have done this entire year? Don’t you think you deserve to have a break and a relaxing night out with your significant other, crew or imaginary friend? Imagine having an amazing dinner, with a great conversation, that ends with the perfect movie, and topped with… well whatever you decide to do the rest of the night.

Here are 5 “movies coming soon to a theatre near you” that will make your stress free night a blast.

1: Blair Witch

Not the most romantic movie out there. The Blair Witch is a continuation to the first movie – Blair Witch Project. It is a horror movie. It tells the story of a guy who sees a tape of his missing sister when she went to the Blair Witch’s forest. He decides to go look for his sister, and her companions, but end up in the same hell they experienced in their journey. If you enjoy scaring yourself, this will be a movie you should look forward to watch.

2: The Lego Batman Movie

Now guys, if you feel like a man and really want to go out with your wolf pack and to watch a manly movie, The Lego Batman Movie is perfect for you. It tells the story of a Batman training robin, Lego style. Nothing is better and manlier than a movie about batman.


3: Doctor Strange

If you or your partners are Marvel freaks, then this should be one on your list. Doctor Strange tells the story of how Dr. Stephen Strange got his abilities. It is both action packed and thrilling to watch. If you read the comics then you know you are in for a blast.


4: Wonder Woman

Now if you like DC and strong independent women who rivals or even surpasses men’s capabilities, this is a movie for you. It is based in the DC universe, telling the story of Wonder Woman and how she came in contact with “men’s world”. It tells how Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor both try to stop the upcoming World War I. it is filled with action, thrill and romance. This is a movie you should not miss.

5: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The last but definitely not the least is no other than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you grew up thinking you are a Jedi, then this movie is definitely a “most watch” film. Compared to the previews movies, this one is a standalone movie. It is based between the 4 and 3 episode, where the rebels set up an elite group to retrieve the plans of the Death Star. They are in for the adventure of their lives. The Star Wars universe has always had a great run with each release of movie. This one hopefully will bring be as good to hold the name “Star Wars”.

Now that you see your choices, choose your company and your movie, prepare your snacks and drinks, and finally get ready to sit down, relax and enjoy your movie. - Kami Media


Source: Kami.com.ph

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