Imprisoned mayor will run Pakistan’s largest city

Imprisoned mayor will run Pakistan’s largest city

- The largest city in Pakistan, Kirachi, is going to be run from inside a jail cell by an inmate

- Waseem Akhtar is going to be the new mayor of Kirachi after his political party took control over the city

- Despite his condition, MQM believes that Akhtar will be able to do his job and demands a mayor’s office inside the jail

Pakistan’s most populous city is going to be under the supervision of Karachi’s new mayor who took power against the strong opposition from the powerful military in Pakistan. However, the city will be run from inside a jail cell.

Imprisoned mayor will run Pakistan’s largest city

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A former MP, Waseem Akhtar, may not be able to work inside the mayor’s office for months because he is still in Karachi’s central prison and the possibility of him being released is very unlikely.

Dubbed as a criminal by many citizens, Akhtar was accused of several crimes including arranging medical healthcare for wanted terrorists and orchestrating city-wide riots in the country.

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The political party of Akhtar, Muttahida Qaumi Movement or MQM, took over the city of Karachi and announced that Akhtar would be its new mayor despite the charges against him.

According to MQM Senator Nasreen Jalil, Akhtar might be behind bars but this does not mean that his job as the mayor would not be done.

This is likely to go on for many months so we will ask the government to let him have an office in jail. Obviously he should be on the ground to do his work but we just have to work around it,” Jalil said.

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Meanwhile, MQM claims that they are being targeted by a paramilitary force in Pakistan called the Rangers which aims to clean up the country’s commercial capital threatened by Islamist militancy, political violence, and criminal gangs.

A city troubled by violence and crime, the Rangers, according to MQM, focused their efforts against the Pakistan Taliban and participated in extrajudicial killings in the country. Following this, the group turned their attention to MQM by raiding its headquarters.

Moreover, 130 of its activists were illegally detained while 62 were killed due to the efforts of the Rangers to criminalize MQM.

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Despite the threats from the country’s most powerful military, MQM sill won a landslide victory in local elections last December 2015. – Kami Media


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