10 times Baby Olivia made you squeal out of cuteness

10 times Baby Olivia made you squeal out of cuteness

- Baby Olivia Manzano Reyes has easily captured the hearts of many web users, especially on Instagram

- With the help of her parents, Andi Manzano and GP Reyes, the one-year old has become Instagram famous because of her daily slice of being adorable

- Among her posts on social media include her OOTDs, cute close-ups, and funny snaps

If you are a frequent visitor of popular photo social media website, Instagram – then it is highly unlikely that you’ll miss the adorable Olivia Manzano Reyes.

Being the first born of host Andi Manzano and club owner GP Reyes, the little one-year old inherited her parents’ looks and became an Instagram sensation despite her young age.

Baby Olivia had such a huge number of fans that she already owns her very own Instagram account – handled by her supportive mom and pop.

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Followers could not help but delight on the good vibes the baby girl has been delivering on their feed that even we, as well, compiled several photos of the lovable star so that we can all squeal together on just how cute Baby Olivia is!

1. When she already has a good taste in fashion

This photo of Baby O has become a viral meme among Twitter users wherein they described and related her pose to when a person initially loved a good pair of shoes but went through a state of shock after seeing the price.

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2. When eating messy never looked as charming as this

While most toddlers could cause you headaches with their chaotic eating habits, Baby O might just leave you wanting to take endless snaps of her funny state instead.

3. When her outfits are always a hundred percent on point

Aside her impressive standard in shoes, this little one knows how to carry herself – and her outfits, of course – like a queen.

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4. Even her swimsuits are ‘on fleek’

Baby O is not afraid to show some skin! This attractive young girl is already a fan of the water.

5. When you know she inherited her fashion sense from mommy Andi

The mother and daughter’s OOTDs are greatly anticipated by their followers – making most of them look forward to the day they’ll have their very own daughter and play dress up!

6. When she ‘helps’ in household chores

No, Baby O does not have a diva attitude nor does she only take pretty photos all day – she also knows how to clean up the house!

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7. When she can be literally anyone

Halloween’s not yet around but this little girl has already proved to you that she can easily be anyone for the event and still be beautiful – be it Nemo, or Minnie Mouse!

8. When she shows you how good she is with animals

Apparently, it’s not only people who are fond of Baby O but animals, particularly dogs, as well.

9. When she discovered heaven in the form of chocolate cake

Congratulations, Baby O. You have just tasted the arguably best food on the planet.

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10. When she still makes you want to pinch her cheeks even though she’s sleeping

Seriously, how could you still look so good even while you’re asleep?

With all those, we bet you just fell in love with Baby O a little more, huh?

Baby Olivia has over 246,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has only recently turned one last March wherein she celebrated her special day with a wild safari themed party.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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