Grab driver gives free ride to ill passenger

Grab driver gives free ride to ill passenger

- Grab driver Gerardo Amolato Maquidato, Jr. refused to receive the payment of his passenger who appeared to be in a weak and vulnerable condition

- The passenger’s sister, Divine Lactao Omum, shared the story on a Facebook page

- Maquidato said that he was delighted to still hear his ill passenger singing quietly despite her current state which prompted his decision

The Philippines had their fair share of positive and negative feedback over the Grab service. Although quite a few evil individuals took advantage of the system, others have been recognized for becoming a role model to fellow employees – among are the honest actions of returning lost items to their passengers.

While good deeds seem to be less frequent these days, it remains to be refreshing whenever we hear of simple acts of kindness. Just like how one particular Grab driver gave a free ride to his passenger who was already in a weakened condition.

Facebook user Divine Lactao Omum shared the story of her sister on the GrabCar Manila Community page.

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Omum narrated that she received a call from her mother on Thursday, August 18, asking her to book a car for her sister who needed to visit the hospital.

At that time, Omum’s sister was suffering from diabetes and had to go to the hospital to claim the blood necessary for her dialysis.

It did not take long for Omum to find a driver nearby and in less than a minute, Gerardo Amolato Maquidato, Jr. already informed her of being at the pick-up point.

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Grab driver gives free ride to ill passenger

Omum shared the details about the incident with Maquidato. (Photo credit: Facebook)

An hour later, Omum received a message from her sister telling her to contact her right away. When the line connected, she could hear her sister’s voice shaking – the result of her crying – as she confusedly asked Omum on why Maquidato refused to accept her payment.

Thinking that it might be because the ride was already charged through card, Omum checked the app but no transaction has been made.

Omum’s sister was deeply touched by Maquidato’s actions and said, “May mga tao pa palang ganon, ate. Ang traffic pa naman, mahigit isang oras byahe namin, tapos ‘di siya nagpabayad.” (People like him still exist. It was traffic, our trip took over an hour yet he did not ask me to pay.)

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Grab driver gives free ride to ill passenger
Grab driver gives free ride to ill passenger

Netizens lauded Maquidato's action. (Photo credit: Facebook)

The inspiring tale was posted a few days after the incident. Unfortunately, it was also the same date when Omum’s sister passed away due to complications in diabetes.

According to an interview with When In Manila, Maquidato explained that he grew fond of his passenger who was quietly singing during the ride despite already appearing weak and vulnerable.

The post has become viral, receiving nearly 50,000 reactions and has been recirculated over 8,700 times. Web users commended the Grab driver and his tiny action created a ripple effect – leaving netizens inspired.

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