Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter

Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter

- A video of a Filipina musician singing "Love Me For What I Am" is going viral

- Shane Ericks would certainly remind you of the late Karen Carpenter, just wait until she sings

- Despite the overwhelming comments she receives from netizens, Shane says she only wants to make The Carpenters music a legacy to live on forever

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Watch the video below.

Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter
(Photo from

Shane Ericks Facebook page)

Meet Shane Ericka Lee aka Shane Ericks.

This 19-year-old Filipino-American singer and songwriter had the netizens abuzz. Her video singing Carpenters’ “Love Me for What I Am” already reached over 4.5 million views on Facebook.

Anyone would actually think that the late Karen Carpenter has resurrected from her grave when you hear Shane Ericks sing.

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“Gusto ko lang po mag-pay ng tribute for Karen Carpenter. (I only want to pay tribute for Karen Carpenter.) I’m not trying to be the next Karen Carpenter. I just want to give her an honor and to make the Carpenters music a legacy to live on forever,” she said in her interview with Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Becoming a singer has always been her dream.

She would upload song covers and original compositions on her Facebook page which she personally manages.

Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter
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Shane Ericks Facebook page)

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Born to a Filipino mother and an American father, Shane lives in Greenville South Carolina, USA.

“I found my love first thing when I was singing in a karaoke. That was always so fun to me. At saka kapag mayroong mga bisita na nagpupunta sa bahay namin lagi akong pinapakanta ng mga lola ko at saka mga relatives ko (And every time we have visitors at home, my grandmother and other relatives would encourage me to sing)," she said.

Shane lived in the Philippines for ten years before flying to America. She stayed with her grandmother in Malolos, Bulacan.

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Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter
(Photo from

Shane Ericks Facebook page)

Her grandmother shared that Shane would always wake up to the songs of Carpenters when she was still young.

“Kapag naririnig ko, sabi ko aba maganda boses ng apo ko sabi kong ganoon. Apo kako sumali ka sa choir,” Lourdes Galang, Shane’s grandmother recalled.

(Every time I hear her sing, I would say my granddaughter has a beautiful voice. I told her to join choir.)

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She continues her passion for singing in America. She would sing at the church, during weddings and sometimes at special events.

Shane Ericks is Philippines' Karen Carpenter
(Photo from

Shane Ericks Facebook page)

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Shane takes it as a compliment whenever people remember Karen Carpenter in her.

"It’s a huge compliment because I look up to her very much. Growing up, she was the example. I am just really, really grateful that I can bring back that great music now.”

“Hindi ako makapaniwala kasi idol ko si Karen Carpenter, favourite ko siya na singer. (I can’t believe it, I am a fan of Karen Carpenter, and she is my favourite singer.) Growing up she was the first ever singer to really capture my attention," she said.

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