VIDEO: Olympic walker pooped himself, ranked 8th

VIDEO: Olympic walker pooped himself, ranked 8th

- Olympic athlete Yohann Diniz defecated himself while in the run for gold in an Olympic event 

- Prior to the race, Diniz was already suffering from stomach trouble but has managed to continue with the race

- Diniz finished the race despite the embarassing event and ranked 8th

VIDEO: Olympic walker pooped himself, ranked 8th

French walker Yohann Diniz. Photo from

To be in the Olympics is every athlete's dream. To win a medal is always the goal. But just like any other game, not everyone can win.

There will always be winners and losers. While many people take pride in winning medals for their countries, there are those who do become instant celebrities for wrong reasons.

Rio Olympics surely staged many inspiring stories. We've heard the story of Joseph Schooling who beat his idol, Michael Phelps years after he first met him.

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We've also witnessed magical moments when Chinese diver Qin Kai proposed to girlfriend He Zi during the awarding ceremony of the event. Both are Olympic medalists.

This however is not just a story of winning gold for the country. It's more than that.

French athlete Yohann Diniz was competing for gold when he struggled in the middle of the race. It turns out, Diniz was suffering from stomach trouble. Despite that however, he managed to compete for the race.

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VIDEO: Olympic walker pooped himself, ranked 8th

What Diniz did inspired thousands, if not, millions of sports fans around the world. Photo from

It was in the middle of the race when he defecated himself. Spectators witnessed a dark liquid flowing from the athlete's legs.

The incident however did not stop Diniz who is determined to finish the race despite what happened.

He finished the race and placed 8th. His story will surely inspire thousands, if not millions around the world, that competitions are not always about winning golds but it's about teaching us to move forward despite the struggles we face a long the way. For that, Diniz deserves more than just a gold medal. -Kami Media

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