VIDEO: Big dog ‘eats’ a little kitten

VIDEO: Big dog ‘eats’ a little kitten

- A video of a German Shepherd dog “eating” a helpless kitten has gone viral

- The gesture appeared to be violent but it was actually a helpful act

- Netizens were touched by the thoughtfulness of the dog but others were scared of the possible harm that might befall the poor kitten if it happens again

A short clip of a German Shepherd dog “eating” the head of a helpless kitten has gone viral, with the twist ending surprising netizens worldwide.

The video starts with the cute little kitten trying to climb the stairs along with the big dog. Suddenly, the German Shepherd attempted to “bite” the kitten’s head a few times. It finally decided to put into its mouth the entire head of the kitten, appearing as if it wants to eat the poor cat!

VIDEO: Big dog ‘eats’ a little kitten

(Photo: The Pet Collective Facebook page)

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The dog then climbed to the top of the stairs while the head of the kitten was still inside its mouth. However, it turned out that the dog was not actually trying to eat the cat.

The German Shepherd was just trying to help the struggling kitten reach the top of the stairs. It was a sweet and thoughtful gesture from the dog but it appeared as a violent gesture in the beginning.

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Netizens found the video sweet, unexpected and surprising.

“Dogs have the power to crush bones with their teeth from just a few weeks old, read up on this when training my pup to stop nipping ... However, this gentle giant is showing his immense powers of restraint and control in handling this gorgeous bundle of fluff,” a netizen posted.

On the other hand, some netizens appreciated the dog’s gesture but still found its action a bit risky on the part of the kitten.

“It's not cruel but I wouldn't let my dog do this. It wouldn't mean to hurt it, but it could happen. Mouth is too big to pick it up by the scruff. Picking it up by its head could cause even small damage,” the concerned online user said.

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