Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

- Vince and Grace were scheduled to get married in September this year, but last July Grace was diagnosed with stage IV leukemia

- The couple has been together for almost a decade now and they already fulfilled their dreams – to finish college together, to tavel places together – but their ultimate dream, which is to get married, will now only be a dream

- "I love you, Grace, unselfishly and unconditionally" was part of Vince vows to Grace, but she died a month before their wedding

Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

The two wishes to travel places that are featured in the Philippine peso bills One is Bohol. (Photo from

Vince and Grace were set to marry next month; their wedding date was supposed to fall on Grace’s birthday. But fate had a change of plan for the couple. Just a month before their anticipated exchange of vows, Grace was diagnosed with leukemia.

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It was when Grace noticed small bruises were starting to appear on her skin. At first, she thought she only got them from intense traveling but, the bruises wouldn’t disappear.

One day, one of their friends, Erica called Vince's attention.

“Vince, you need to take Grace to the hospital," she broke the news to him.

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Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

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They went to see a doctor and Grace was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Though Grace only had the acute promyelocytic leukemia for two months, her doctor revealed it was the aggressive kind. Aside from that, there will be no apparent symptoms of the illness until the patient becomes weak.

Grace and Vince were classmates in a university in Bacolod way back then. The two took the same course, making them develop a closer relationship.

Vince took the first move. “I’m in love with you,” were the exact words he told Grace.

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Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

When Vince proposed to Grace. (Photo from

Just like other couples, they also underwent petty fights but these only made their relationship stronger. They finished college and began building their dreams together. After 9 nine years of being together and after the two lovebirds fulfilled their travel goals – to visit Mayon Volcano, Bohol, Malacanang, Banaue Rice Terraces and Palawan –  Vince formally proposed to Grace in January this year.

Everything seemed to go their way until they hear the news on July 27. Both of them felt grief but they have to stay tough.

Grace endured chemotherapy to survive but a few days later, her body stopped responding to medicines and she even lost the appetite to eat. Barely a week after she was diagnosed with cancer, Grace died.

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Bride-to-be died a month before her wedding

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It’s been weeks now since the untimely death of Grace and their wedding was supposed to be next month.

“I love you, Grace, unselfishly and unconditionally,” was part of Vince vows to Grace. But, he won’t be able to tell her now those words.

I am missing you so much. Despite this pain and longingness, I'm feeling this relief that I know you are now with the Lord, and I know that you lived a happy and fulfilled life. What really matters to me now is you, as long as you are okay, I will be okay,” was Vince parting message to Grace.

We may never understand why things happened, but one thing is for sure – they happened for a reason. We may not understand them now but, time will come. - Kami Media

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