Clash with drug suspects kills 4 in QC

Clash with drug suspects kills 4 in QC

Oplan Tokhang allows police officers to conduct investigations on alleged drug users

- During the implementation of Oplan Tokhang, several police officers clashed with suspected drug users in Quezon City

- Four of the drug suspects were killed in the shootout

Late Sunday afternoon, four drug suspects were killed by Quezon City authorities during a shootout.

Clash with drug suspects kills 4 in QC

(Photo from Inquirer)

According to the report of Supt. Lito Patay, the chief of the Quezon City Police Distric (QCPD) Batasan Station, the clash between the drug suspects and the authorities occurred around 4p.m. in Purok 9 Bagon Silangan, Quezon City.

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The authorities from the station’s police community precinct (PCP) 4 were allegedly patrolling the streets in implementation of Oplan Tokhang.

As the policemen were checking the residence of alleged drug user Marcel Daa, the man and three other suspects started shooting the authorities.

The authorities, in defense, shot back at Daa and his three companions – Raffy Gabo, an alias Anthony and an alias Jess.

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After an intense shootout, the four suspects were killed.

The police later discovered two .45 and two .38 firearms in Daa’s residence, along with several sachets of shabu and other drug equipment.

Under Oplan Tokhang, the commanders of police stations may ask barangay captains to submit a list of names of local residents who are drug users or linked to drug trade.

Earlier this year, President Rodrigo Duterte swept the national elections on the platform to eradicate drug related crime in the first 6 months of his presidency.

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Since then, more than 115,000 suspected drug pushers and dependents have surrendered to the authorities. Almost 900 alleged drug pushers and drug lords have also been killed and arrested.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has criticized his anti-drug campaign, claiming that the extrajudicial killings are a violation of human rights.

Amidst these criticism, Durterte has threatened to separate from the UN, stating that the UN has failed to combat hunger and terrorism particularly in Syria and therefore should focus on those advocacies rather than criticizing the policies of Duterte. - Kami Media





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