Prayer for justice and truth

Prayer for justice and truth

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.” - Genesis 9:6

In times of struggle, let us seek hope in every situation and let us not dwell on negative emotions. In times of crisis, let us ask the Lord for mercy and give thanks to his gracious heart. Join us as we talk to God with his ever-listening ears and utter our deepest prayers.


Dear Lord, we give thanks for another day

For hearing what our hearts have to say

For lending your ears in every situation we face

That in joy and in tears, you give us grace


In your judgements, you are fair

And for everyone, you sincerely care

Though we commit undesirable mistakes

You still grant us your never-ending forgiveness


Dear God, help us get through each day

And live a life full of hope

Though times of struggle come

Give us courage to get through each difficulty


Prayer for justice and truth



We ask for justice and truth

Especially for those in need

We pray for those who suffered

From unfortunate loss and injustice


Lord, touch those who commit crimes

Help them understand every circumstance

Share them your merciful heart

And set them free from evil intentions


Dear God, we pray for those who lost their loved ones

Give them the strength to overcome such harm

Let the truth prevail

For their heart’s desired serenity.


- Kami Media

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